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Who Are Fireside Chairs for?

Fireside chairs have been known and used for centuries now. The name was initially coined when it was just used to sit by the fireplace. However, now they are used everywhere and even in front of the television or other entertainment points. People, today, enjoy sitting on them everywhere in rooms, lounges, entrances, and even professional environments... Read more of this article

What are Queen Anne Chairs?

Queen Anne chairs have the furniture design of the Queen Anne style that was introduced in the 18th century in England. You might have witnessed them in movies with royal families that lived a long time ago. Also by the name itself, one can imagine the complex design of this piece of furniture.  Queen Anne chairs have different characteristics. They... Read more of this article

Types of Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield sofas give an extremely elegant, vintage, and ancient décor look to your drawing room or sitting area. Though it’s not really used in lounges and living rooms because it gives a bit too serious look to these rooms. However, they are still very famous for drawing rooms and come in so many colors that one can’t even believe. Not only... Read more of this article

Tips to Buying a Fabric Sofa

Since there are so many types of sofas, deciding which type and kind you want is an entire process in itself. However, once you decide that you want a fabric sofa after considering the various reasons for getting one, the process is slightly easier. Then you just need to know how to get the perfect fabric sofa for your lounge, living room, bedroom,... Read more of this article

The New Line-up Of Chesterfield Sofas and Armchairs Are Big Winners

Even a timeless classic needs a bit of an update now and then. When the first piece of fine, leather Chesterfield furniture was made in England several centuries ago, it was made to impress a nobleman. Today’s good-looking, contemporary styled Chesterfields are made to impress someone just as important. You. They’ve added sleeker lines and snazzier... Read more of this article

The Creation of a Chesterfield Sofa

The construction or creation of a Chesterfield sofa begins with the most important thing, the frame. It starts with polished and tie free, solid beech hardwood. This gives the creator straight boundaries along with long-term shape constancy to begin with. At the time of making it, the last thing any worker who is working on it would want is for it to... Read more of this article

Styles of Fireside Chairs

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that fireside chairs come in a huge variety of colors, sizes, shapes and most importantly styles that you can find for any kind of a room, regardless of its surrounding and environment. Fireside tall back chairs, with armrests for comfort as standard, have the extra advantage or option of removing them whenever you want... Read more of this article

Some Things Not To Do With A Chesterfield Sofa or Armchair

If you are decorating a room or office with a fine, classically styled Chesterfield sofa or maybe one of their refined, elegant armchairs, then you have to take a few basic principals into consideration. While classic pieces of furniture such as these do tend to blend well into almost any room’s décor, there are things to do, and not to do, when... Read more of this article

Protect Fabric Sofas from Stains

Fabric sofas can easily be stained because unlike leather they can’t be wiped off as easily and obviously absorbs materials like water, coffee, tea, food, and other items. Now while cleaning is always an option, the best measure one can take is precaution to avoid stains in the first place. Isn’t it better to not get stains in the first place, then... Read more of this article

How to put Buttons on a Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas and tufted ottomans are those furniture pieces or sofas which are made by putting buttons on after the furniture item is upholstered. There are so many patterns in which the buttons can be arranged for example in diamond, wave, square, or triangular patterns along with many others but these are the basic patterns. Buttons that are... Read more of this article

How to Identify Queen Anne Furniture

Queen Anne furniture is a furniture style that became extremely popular in the beginning of the 18th century and was named after England’s Monarch during 1712 to 1714. Now such pieces of furniture add a lot of vintage type effects to their surrounding, regardless of wherever they are placed. Variations in living and lifestyle during those times reflected... Read more of this article

How to Get the Perfect One

Queen Anne has different and unique furniture but the chairs are probably the most attractive of all. Finding a comfortable and stylish Queen Anne chair is not that hard, since all of them have a distinctive and striking design. They are available in different varieties, styles, colors, and textures. They’re available in wood and many other materials. To... Read more of this article

How to Find the Best Bargains for Queen Anne Chairs?

Queen Anne chairs are antique pieces of furniture not commonly found everywhere. You may find them in some stores but not all of them. Hence, the stores that keep Queen Anne chairs charge a really high price. This strategy works for them because people who want to buy this antique piece of furniture will not care about how expensive they are; they are... Read more of this article

How to Clean a Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas are usually very common and most lounges and living rooms have fabric sofas in them. Sofas that are used daily are usually made of heavy duty fabric so that they can last for a long time and they are designed in such a way that they are able to withstand wear and tear for quite a long period of time. Fabric sofas, especially those in the... Read more of this article

How to Choose Sofa Fabric

Whether you are about to buy a new sofa or are renovating the one you already have, your fabric sofa will always have to have the perfect fabric! Fabric is one of the most important factors in a fabric sofa and the sooner you recognize that, the better it will be for you! Before you decide on any particular fabric, there are many factors you need to... Read more of this article

How to Buy Queen Anne Chairs

You need to distinguish between the real Queen Anne chairs and the chairs made in Queen Anne style. Authentic pieces are hard to find today because a lot of copies have been made since the 18th century and those replicas would be old enough to be historic themselves. Retailers have a vast variety of these chairs at their stores. If the originality of... Read more of this article

Furniture that Compliments Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield sofas are extremely unique and you will not find them everywhere. So if you decide to pick up a unique piece of this furniture for your place, you will have to give importance to the furniture and décor you have in the surroundings of your house as well. For now, we’ll concentrate on pieces of furniture that will enhance the effect of... Read more of this article

Fireside Chair for Your Drawing Room

Fireside chairs, in the simplest words ever, are chairs that have a long back. Initially, they were made to sit near the fireplace as the name suggests, but now they are used everywhere – from lounges, study rooms, offices, drawing rooms to even bedrooms; fireside chairs have conquered all sitting areas because of their comfort.  While most people... Read more of this article

Family Friendly Chesterfield Sofa and Armchair Designs

Sometimes we forget that a classic and elegant piece of furniture is not meant exclusively for the use of grown ups. Children love big, overstuffed couches and chairs as much as we adults do. It goes without saying that kids that have inherited the good taste of their parents will naturally enjoy a good Chesterfield sofa or armchair. That’s all right.... Read more of this article

Fabric Sofas

One of the most important spots in any lounge or living room is without a doubt the sofa. While all other furniture is important, the sofa has its own special significance mainly because it serves the purpose of sitting which can easily be called the main reason for the existence of a living room! Not only does the sofa have to be well designed and... Read more of this article

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