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Latest news

26th September 2014

Try our tips to heat your home without receiving a high energy bill

We can all feel it now; thereís a chill in the air nipping at exposed skin like a playful little Yorkshire terrier. The nights are getting longer and the weather colder, but with the ever-increasing cost of energy perhaps itís time you take the not-so-conventional approach to your heating needs, leaving your thermostat well alone.
4th September 2014

Making a statement with your choice of throne

Furniture is used to inject personality into a space, whether itís the striking oxblood Chesterfield wing chair lurking in a dimly lit corner or the eye-catching multicoloured patchwork settee taking up half the living room. Furniture speaks volumes about its owner; tattered, worn out fabrics full of coffee stains donít exactly paint a remarkable picture so maintaining its quality is a must.

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