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Leather Armchairs

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If you’re looking for style and practicality, explore our Fabric Sofas. If comfort and support are your priorities, try the Wing Chair collection and Leather Sofa range. And if you want to stamp your own distinctive style on your sofa, visit our Fireside Chairs and Arm Chair collection. If you have space issues try looking at our Chesterfield Sofa Collection. Specialist in Footstools, Pouffe and Ottomans.

Leather Arm Chairs

No living room or an office reception room is complete without armchairs in general and leather arm chairs in particular, which provide relaxation and comfort more than any other furniture product. Generally speaking, Chairs comprise of four legs, arm-resting places, a seat and a backrest, even in this day and age the above mentioned things are part and parcel of every design of style of arm chairs. Arm chairs are normally made of different varieties of wood like rosewood, pinewood, oak, mahogany, teak and so many others, depending upon the best quality of wood available in different regions of the world. Other materials like plastic, iron and other metals are also used to produce armchairs.

Arm chairs are also differentiated from the type of upholstery fabric used to upholster the armchair, normally there are two types of upholstery fabric used to a large extent throughout the world, and they are fabric and leather. Leather arm chairs are preferred throughout the world, owing to their beauty, long-lasting life thanks to the durability of leather fabric and last but not the least due to the ambiance they help create, doesn’t matter if you are using them in office or in your living room. Leather arm chairs provide a professional look to your office reception room and make your living room look sophisticated, therefore it is safe to say that leather arm chairs can fit in every room irrespective of whether it is office, or house.

Leather arm chairs are available in different styles, some arm chairs styles have been continuing from generations like medieval, floral styles of leather arm chairs, some are inspired from the traditional arm chairs styles like floral and oriental styles of leather arm chairs, with some modifications introduced by modern furniture-making houses, where as the current crop of leather arm chairs represent the modern or contemporary styles. Leather Arm chairs are available in different sizes as well, there are high leather arm-chairs, and some leather arm chairs are especially designed for kids.

If you are looking for leather arm chairs for offices there are so many types of leather arm chairs available for office reception, where as for executives and other officials executive leather arm chairs are an excellent choices. Executive leather arm chairs are especially designed to work on a table for a long period of time, the kind of sitting posture you make by sitting on an executive leather arm chair, allows you to work for long hours at stretch without any back ache, that is the most common complaint  received by the furniture-making houses throughout the world. So the especially designed executive chair with soft leather back rest cushion seems to have solved the problem of aching back. Executive style leather arm chairs are also available in many different sizes, so you can get one according to your size that suits you most. There are over-sized executive leather arm chairs for those having 6 feet above height; there are Accented executive leather arm chairs for those who stand up to less than six feet of height and last but not the least there are ergonomic executive leather arm chairs, especially designed for other people. If your job description requires you to sit late into night in your office at your office table, you won’t find a better office chair than executive leather arm chair of any size that suits your body.

As for as the maintenance of leather armchairs is concerned, it is so easy to dust-off and maintain over a long period of time,  leather makes leather arm chairs last for years.

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