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Chesterfield Sofa Range

  • Chesterfield Sofa Range
  • Chesterfield Sofa Range
  • Chesterfield Sofa Range
  • Chesterfield Sofa Range
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CHESTERFIELD FURNITURE - Best of British manufacturing.

Welcome to Designer Sofas4u Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer of top quality leather chesterfield products, Designer Sofas4u Ltd  offer chesterfield furniture, chesterfield sofas, chesterfield suites, chesterfield sofa beds, chesterfield chairs, stools and far more all in full British aniline leather

Our range offers varying sizes of leather chesterfield suites, the elegant chesterfield Queen Anne chair and stool done with a solid wooden Queen Anne leg, fashionable chesterfield low back club chairs and the captains Chair are ideal for any study and/or Living room. Designer Sofas4u Ltd also offer our chesterfield sofa as a sofabed design in different sizes

  • 2 Seater Chesterfield Sofa Bed as a 3’ mattress

    ·         2.5 Seater Chesterfield Sofa Bed as a 4’ mattress

    ·         3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa Bed as 4’6” mattress

    For over 40 years our specialist craftsmen have been manufacturing  beautiful hand-crafted chesterfield furniture using age elderly techniques and the finest leathers and materials of the highest standard and quality.

    SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZEDTM Chesterfield Sofas and Queen Anne Chairs

    Designer Sofas4u Ltd can now offer you our magnificently hand crafted chesterfield sofa and Queen Anne chair and all of our designs with the choice of chesterfield SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZEDTM deep buttoned sofa, Queen Anne Chair or footstool. Designer Sofas4u will offer this service using authentic SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS at a small cost, As Designer Sofas4u Ltd always go direct to the source for our materials they will always promise all-time low prices with the best quality there is. So if you want a chesterfield suite or sofa with a modern twist you won't be disappointed with our new SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZEDTM chesterfield range.

    What does Chesterfield furniture offers in the furnishing category?

    Even though the contemporary living style has gained momentum in the recent homeowners but the blend of vintage, royalty and modern furniture is still the desire of most homemakers. The factor of royalty not only brings luxurious impact in home but also enhances the elegance. If you are looking for bringing the vintage and modern blend in your home then Chesterfield furniture is surely a best choice for you. This furniture offers a variety of furnishing items that would suit all the rooms in your home. The items offered are vintage, royal and very practical in terms of their usage in a modern house. Here are few of the products offered by Chesterfield furnishing:

    Chesterfield sofa bed

    The chesterfield sofa bed has gained a lot of popularity due to its comfort, luxury and variety. The variety in Chesterfield sofa bed includes fabrics like leather and velvet which are available in shades of brown, black, green, white, beige etc.  You can use these sofa beds not only in your room for saving space but you can also use them in living room in order to provide extra seating to guests.

    Chesterfield chair and chaise lounge

    The chesterfield chairs include items like wing chairs, office chairs, club chairs and lounge chairs. All these chairs are available in leather and velvet for luxurious experience. The colors available in these chairs are red, black, green, chocolate, burgundy and beige. You can also have a variety in chesterfield chaise lounge which is available in variety of shades like whites, browns and reds. These colors make the chesterfield chaise lounge very grand.

    The chesterfield furnishing also provides luxurious footstools which are made of leather. The variety of colors available in footstools includes whites, browns and reds. Along with these, the Chesterfield product line also offers computer tables, writing tables, executive tables etc.

    Designer Sofas4u Ltd can make all of the chesterfield sofas & chairs in any material of your choice. we can supply a enormous range of velvet/chenille fabrics. You can also personalise your Chesterfield Sofa and/or Queen Anne Chair with your own material and send it to us for the personal touch.

    For more information about our bespoke Chesterfield suites, Queen Anne chairs and sofas in different fabrics or your own material please contact our dedicated sales team on 01254 268896.

    The Chesterfield Leather Sofa can easily be transformed into a sturdy, comfortable and spacious sofabed in a three fold action pull out in under a minute.

    Take a look at our entire chesterfield range, here you will find chesterfield suites, Queen Anne chairs, sofas and sofa beds at incredible low prices.

    Designer Sofas4u Ltd offer a sofa bed design in any colour and any leather finish that you see in the chesterfield suite range.  For a bespoke design  please contact our dedicated sales team on 01254 268896.

    With a long lasting spring based sofa bed frame and heavy duty pull out mechanism complimented by a convenient fabric covered foam mattress, these quality Chesterfield sofa beds are ideal for everyday use.

    Would you like the comfort of knowing you can tailor-make uniquely designed piece of hand crafted chesterfield furniture? – with Designer Sofas4u you can.

    Whether you want to add an inch on the Queen Anne arm Chair, a lowered sofabed, a wider club chair or even a Chesterfield sofa to sit 8 people!

    Choose any of our Chesterfield range and they can re-shaped, re-sized and re-built from scratch to accommodate your  own personal taste and requirements. You can speak to one of our customer service representatives on 01254 268896 to tailor make your Leather Suite.

    Do you have a specific colour or leather finish in mind? Would you like the finish to be shiny or matt? Or how about a more modern refinement and choose your chesterfield furniture to be built without deep-set buttons!

    Chesterfield Sofas

    Chesterfield sofas are made from premium leather and the highest standard of materials all manufactured by a master craftsman with a minimum of 20 years experience. With our chesterfield sofas you have the quality and choice. With a range of colours and sizes to choose from, you are able to find the ideal sofa for your home and/or office.

    Leather Chesterfield Sofa

    There is nothing better than a comfortable, stylish leather chesterfield sofa. With these sofas, you will find the vital quality and design of British manufacturing. A leather chesterfield sofa cannot be beaten. And best of all, you can have your leather chesterfield sofa your requirements. So if you have a specific colour or finish in mind, then the sofa can be made to your requirements.

    Leather Queen Anne Armchair

    Though all Leather Queen Anne Armchair bear the trademarks of their type, there are a number of variations in style. The shape of the arms, the height of the back and any other number of variations in style and size do not preclude it bearing the Leather Queen Anne Armchair name. In fact, there is even a sectional. This means that decorating with a Leather Queen Anne Armchair doesn’t limit one to a particular style or even a shade. Leather sofas in the Leather Queen Anne Armchair style come in lots of colours from the well-known and beloved dark brown to burgundy to pale soft cream. The variety in style and colour allow designers and home decorators a lot of levity when decorating with this classic piece.

    Chesterfield Suite

    The ambience of a room can be very much determined by the suite you choose. The suite can add so much to the inside of your home and that is the case with a chesterfield suite. A chesterfield suite looks stylish and sophisticated and it is also of high class.

    Chesterfield Chair

    You would rarely reckon that a stool could have a huge impact on a room. But that may be because you haven’t thought about a chesterfield chair. These beautiful chairs are so fashionable that they can easily transform a room. With a chesterfield chair you are able to generate a stylish atmosphere in any room.

    Chesterfield Leather Sofa

    A chesterfield leather sofa can have a massive effect on your room. The classic style of the sofa brings an attraction and sophistication to any room. With a chesterfield leather sofa, your room can be transformed into a comfortable, classy space complete with a great leather sofa for everyone to enjoy.

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