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British manufacturing excels in Chesterfield furniture

The UK’s leading manufacturer of top-quality leather chesterfield products, Designer Sofas4u, is here to serve your demands for chesterfield furniture. The chesterfield furniture includes chesterfield suites, chesterfield sofas, chesterfield chairs, chesterfield sofa beds and stools in British aniline leather. You name it and Designer Sofas4u has it.

Our special craftsmen have been manufacturing chesterfield furniture in a beautiful hand-crafted pattern with age-old techniques. The material and leather used in this furniture is of the highest quality so as to satisfy your demand in an absolute manner.

The range of Designer Sofas4u comprises of varying sizes in the elegant chesterfield Queen Anne chair, leather chesterfield suites and stools with Queen Anne legs in a solid wooden texture. We offer a broad range in captain’s chairs and chesterfield low back club chairs, which are ideal for any living or study room in your home. Designer4u provides a range of designs and sizes in chesterfield sofas as sofa beds. The various chesterfield sofa beds offered are available in the following sizes:

  • 2-seater chesterfield sofa bed with a 3’ mattress
  • 2.5-seater chesterfield sofa bed with a 4’ mattress
  • 3-seater chesterfield sofa bed with 4’6” mattress
  • Queen Anne Chairs and Swarovski Crystallized Chesterfield Sofas

Designer Sofa4u now offers you Chesterfield Swarovski Crystallized deep buttoned services. Now you can have your Queen Anne chair and chesterfield sofa with this service. The Swarovski Crystallized deep buttoned sofa, footstool and Queen Anne chair could give a lavish look to your home. You can have this service at a very small cost with authentic Swarovski Crystals. We promise high quality and reasonable costs along with contacting the direct source of materials so that you could have the best product. You will not be disappointed with our new Swarovski Crystallized chesterfield range if you are thinking of getting a new chesterfield suite or sofa with a modern twist.

You can have your chesterfield sofas and chairs in any material of your choice. We have a wide range of velvet/chenille fabrics available. You can personalize your Queen Anne chair and Chesterfield sofa with your own material and we can affix it for you. For detailed information about our bespoke Queen Anne chairs, chesterfield suite and sofas in your own material or different fabrics, contact 01254268590.

The Chesterfield Leather sofa we offer can readily be transformed into comfortable, sturdy and spacious sofabed with a threefold action pull out. Designer Sofas4u offers you entire chesterfield range of Queen Anne chairs, chesterfield suites, sofa beds and sofas in any leather finish and color. For bespoke designs in sofa bed and chesterfield suites range, contact us.

Sofa beds or Chesterfield sofa beds with convenient foam mattresses and fabric with heavy duty pull out mechanisms are ideal for your house. We provide service even for the addition of an inch in lowering sofa beds, Queen Anne arm chairs, club chairs or chesterfield sofas. We can resize, reshape and rebuild any of our chesterfield or leather suites. We provide the manufacturing flexibility starting from the color you have in your mind to the deep-set buttons, we can customize your chesterfield furniture in your very own way.

Chesterfield sofas

Chesterfield sofas are made from a high standard of material and from premium leather. Master craftsmen with an experience of 20 years manufacture these sofas. The chesterfield sofas offered by us have both choice and quality. You can find and select an ideal sofa for your office or home as we provide a broad range of sizes and colors to choose from.

Leather chesterfield sofa

If you want to have a casual feel and lavish look in your home then a leather chesterfield sofa is the best choice for you. With these sofas, you can find design, colors and quality at a broad range with a touch of British manufacturing. If you are to invest in a sofa that can go a long way, then a leather chesterfield sofa is an ideal buy for you as it can stand the normal wear and tear. Above all other traits, the leather chesterfield sofa can be customized as per your requirements. You can simply put an order with us mentioning the finish and specific color you have in your mind for this sofa. Our bespoke service will comply with your requirements, hence giving you a completely personalized experience.

Leather Queen Anne Armchair

An in-home royal ambiance can be created with chesterfield furniture. The range of chesterfield furniture comprises of many beautiful and stylish items. One such item is the ceather Queen Anne armchair. This item has a trademark as far as its design is concerned, but now you can have any number of variations in it. Variations like the height of the back, shape of the arms and other changes in size and style are now possible in leather Queen Anne armchairs. This means that you can decorate your home with Leather Queen Anne Armchair in many different shades and styles. In addition to this, the keather sofas in the leather Queen Anne armchair style are available in lots of colors ranging from dark brown to a pale soft cream or burgundy. The variety available in color and style allows home decorators and designers to decorate homes in various ways with this piece.

Chesterfield suite

You can develop the ambiance of your room with the type of suite you choose. The suite, especially the chesterfield suite, could do wonders to your home. A chesterfield sofa looks sophisticated and stylish, hence giving a royal feel to your home.

Chesterfield chair

Why not try a chesterfield chair?  You can transform your room with these beautiful and fashionable chairs. You can generate a stylish atmosphere with a chesterfield chair.

Chesterfield leather sofa

For a massive effect in your living room, add in a chesterfield leather sofa. This classic sofa brings sophistication, elegance, luxury and attraction into a room. By adding a chesterfield leather sofa in your room, you can have a classy, comfortable space with a great leather sofa for everyone to relax.

Chesterfield Sofas (Chesterfield Suite) the Royal Choice for your Living Room

The Chesterfield Sofas (Chesterfield Suite) has quite a history in the furniture world.  Once the choice of the rich and royalty it has and it’s elegant design and style.  With its low rolled back and buttons on the sofa it gives it a sophisticated and some would say royal look.  Famous all over the world for its feel of comfort they are a revered piece of wooden structure which gives any living room a touch of style that gives that wanted feel of both comfort and glamor.  The Chesterfield sofas (Chesterfield Suite) are able to match any room it’s placed in with its versatile design and bespoke nature.

In modern designs it is popular now to go for a bespoke look.  In the past the colours used for the leather upholstery would be the classical black, brown or read leather but nowadays it’s found that the client looking for this type of sofa wants to add their own style.  Colours ranging from olive green, blue and even more out spoken designs such as the Union Jack can be created to fit the Chesterfield design and the Chesterfield sofas (Chesterfield Suite) is now able to be changed to fit the need of the customer, not just the look of itself.  Chesterfield now offers versatility in its design while managing to keep to an antique look which adds a sexy but not too extravagant element to any home.  The upholstery is also easy to clean so if you or your children spill anything over it you only have to use a damp cloth to wipe it up, there won’t be too many worries about ruined suites with this range.

The first Chesterfield sofas (Chesterfield Suite) was rumoured to be commissioned by the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope in the eighteenth century.  This may be a myth as there is no actual written proof to say this is true though.  In fact it’s unknown who created the first Chesterfield piece even though many have laid claim to it.  Stanhope was a well-known writer and politician renowned for his style and taste which fits with the Chesterfield suite range.  Whether he did commission the range or not it was said that it definitely fit the character of the man who would sit for hours lounging while writing his correspondences.

Whatever the truth may be of the origins of The Chesterfield sofas (Chesterfield Suite) the range befits a living room that requires a touch of elegance and style.  It’s a good place to be able to relax and chat on lazy evenings and will give any room a homely feel that everybody wants.  The sofas offer comfort for all the family and with their different designs available can be changed to fit your personal needs and the requirements when creating the feel of your living room.

Whether it is a feel of royalty or the elegance and sophistication of the antique style you are looking for or just a sofa to feel comfort on The Chesterfield sofas (Chesterfield Suite).  This range was created for its comfort and was the choice of not only the rich but of royalty for its sophisticated look.  This gives it a feeling of stature and elegant antique style.  They are now designed to be affordable but still provide the look they have had for over a hundred years, giving that nice antique finish while still being easy to maintain even with a young family around.  So whether its origins are really from the Earl of Chesterfield or not, the Chesterfield sofas (Chesterfield Suite) still offer the Chesterfield feel.

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