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Italian Leather Sofas

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  • Italian Leather Sofas
  • Italian Leather Sofas
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Italian Leather Sofas

There are a few parts on this globe, which are famous for the art of furniture-making, Italy is one of those parts of this planet earth where the tradition of hand-made furniture making is passed on from generation to generation and Italian Leather Sofas are but a glimpse of a vast range of Italian furniture. The history of Italian Sofas dates back to 17th Century when Italian furniture was known for its traditional embellishment of columns. Traditional Italian furniture of 17th Century was also inspired by the Gothic architectural designs. Italian Baroque Furniture, which dates back to the renaissance period, is known the world over as the symbol of status owing to its exquisite design. Natuzzi Italian furniture, on the other hand represents the modern Italian lifestyle and furniture-making trends. Natuzzi Italian leather sofas are known as luxurious upholstered furniture in Italy.

With the passage of time, age-old, traditional Italian furniture houses introduced some innovations in the conventional Italian furniture and as a result today Italian furniture is regarded as one of the best Italian furniture in the world. Modern Italian furniture in general and Italian leather sofas in particular reflect the prevailing modern trends of Italian and world’s art of furniture-making and on the same time retains the same aura that Italian furniture is renowned for. Italian furniture uses different kinds of upholstery fabric, but as the Italian leather has a reputation to be one of the best leather in the world and is produced in considerable quantity local traditional Italian furniture houses prefer leather over other types of fabric to upholster the furniture.

Leather has many characteristics, which make it the most preferred upholstery fabric. Leather is long lasting, not easily stained and is durable more than any other fabric that is the reason why people all over the world prefer leather furniture. Italian Leather Sofas owing to their classic look and excellent leather work get the better of other leather sofas. Italian Leather Sofas are available in different types of leather, in different sizes and in many colors to suit the particular needs of people of all stripes and colors. Most popular leather colors include tundra saddle, olive, oyster, taupe, cordovan etc.

 Italian Leather sofas can be divided into two different categories, Contemporary Italian Leather Sofas and Classical or Traditional Italian Leather Sofas. Classical Italian Leather Sofas are available in many designs, some of the most famous designs include Bella, Bellini, Alessandra, Altamura, Biaggio, Boccioni, Borachio, Celestina, Emilia, Ghiberti, Gilda, Gisella, Gustavo, Lorenzo, Malvolio, Umberto, Venice, Verdi, Vincente, Orlando, Palladio, Roma and last but not the least Martiri. Classical Italian Leather Sofas are a must have if you desire to give your living room a classic ambiance.

As the Contemporary Italian Leather Sofas represent the modern trends in Italian furniture-making, you can compare it to any other leather sofa, be it Chesterfield leather sofas or any brand of leather furniture other for that matter. You can compare the Italian Leather sofas with other leather sofas in terms of the variety of designs, durability as well as quality and Italian leather sofas would stand out as one of the finest around. As far as the designs of Contemporary Italian leather sofas are concerned, they include Adelina, Chopin, Alessia, Paulina, Claudio, Danza, Allegra, Dario, Fabio, Amadeus, Dello, Antonia, Diana, Augusta, Baretti, Tomasina, Leonato, Calvino, Donati, Canova, Cesario, Dumas, Ines, New Ines, Matisse, Orsino, Romeo, Rousseau, Sirani, Vittore, Verona, Zanobi, Oriana to name popular ones. There are many other designs of contemporary Italian Leather Sofas available throughout the world. There are many furniture stores and houses throughout the world, which offer you to order your Italian leather sofa according to your own specifications, so that you can get exactly what you want for your living room.

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