How to Buy Queen Anne Chairs

How to Buy Queen Anne Chairs  %Post Title
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You need to distinguish between the real Queen Anne chairs and the chairs made in Queen Anne style. Authentic pieces are hard to find today because a lot of copies have been made since the 18th century and those replicas would be old enough to be historic themselves. Retailers have a vast variety of these chairs at their stores. If the originality of this piece of furniture is not important to you but how it looks is, then it may be less expensive to buy one of the duplications because the price of the authentic Queen Anne chair is much higher.

eBay is the biggest auction website where you can start your can start searching for a Queen Anne chair. You will find all sorts of different varieties of chairs. If you are looking for an authentic Queen Anne chair, you would like to know about the history of the chair from the seller and also consult with an antique expert before buying it by showing him or her pictures or showing it to them in person if you can. They can look at the wood type, the carvings, markings, type of carpentry, hidden pieces on the furniture, style, and the texture to agree on its authenticity.

The authentic Queen Anne chair piece is mostly made up of walnut, cherry, or maple woods. Other than that, you may want to attend some garage sales or yard sales of older home and estates. They most likely will have antiques and might just be the right place for you to find what you want.

They have some older pieces too with great discounts. You can also find some antique stores in your area by driving around and looking or by looking in the phone book or on the Internet. It might take a lot of time and energy, but it will all be worth it when you find that perfect Queen Anne chair.