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Chesterfield 2 Seater Settee Perla Mellow Velvet Sofa Offer

Chesterfield 2 Seater Settee Perla Mellow Velvet Sofa Offer

Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa Settee Perla Mellow Fabric

  • Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa Settee Perla Mellow Fabric
  • chesterfield-sofa-dimensions
SKU: UK6495851
£671.57 inc. VAT
Save £559.63
Valid until 31/10/2016
Estimated delivery between Fri. 18 November and Sat. 17 December



The Chesterfield Classic Sofa. The Chesterfield Leather Sofa with it's unique  Low Back Style, Deep Buttoned Arms and Back complemented with a Buttoned Front Border. The Scroll Fronted arms on the Chesterfield Leather Sofa are attractively embellished with lines of individual stud nails. An undoubted winner in any room from the cottage to the boardroom. A classic of its kind ;Traditional Vintage British Style. Handmade in Chenille

  • Handmade in Luxury Velvet Fabric
  • Non Tropical Screwed and glued hardwood frame made in house
  • Upholstered and buttoned by craftsmen
  • Real wood Bunfeet
  • Hand studded
  • From construction of the frame to filling in the cushions all is completed in house.
  • Individual seating options (Soft, Medium, Firm)
  • Payment Option 50% Deposit Rest of Balance On Delivery
  • Free Swatch Service
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Guarantee
  • 10 Year Manufacture Guarantee on Framework
  • Manufactured In England
  • Worldwide delivery Available
  • 5 Year Additional Warranty Available


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Some Assembly may be Required


2 Seat: H 72cm x W86cm x D 165 cm

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Velluto 400 VELL 425 Steel
Velluto 400 VELL 424 Blush
Velluto 400 VELL 423 Oxford
Velluto 400 VELL 422 Slate
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