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Envy Diamante Crystal 3 Seater Fabric Sofa Upholstered In Balcony Flame

Envy Diamante Crystal 3 Seater Fabric Sofa Upholstered In Balcony Flame

Envy 3 Seater Settee Swarovski Sofa

  • Envy 3 Seater Settee Swarovski Sofa
  • Envy Diamante Swarovski Crystal 3 Seater Fabric Sofa Flame
  • Envy Swarovski Diamant Sofa
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Swarovski Crystals are Austrian lead glass crystal beads that are cut to an extremely high level of precision by a machine initially invented by Daniel Swarovski in 1892. The machines was the first of its kind to precision-cut crystal glass products and produce the multi faceted crystal shapes of very high brilliance we see today. The high lead content in Swarovski Crystals makes them heavier than standard glass crystals and also increases the index of refraction, which in turn makes them sparkly like diamonds when they come into contact with light. It’s the diamond like quality of Swarovski Crystals which gives them their appeal and high demand in the fashion and jewellery industries of today

The Envy is all about making s statement. This range will create a great impact in any room. The Swarovski Crystals embedded in the arms gives this model a fantastic high design look. Exclusive to Designersofas4u the Envy range is avialble in a great range of fabric mixes.

Shown here in the Balcony Range

Body - Flamenco Crush Plain Merlot

Middle Cushion - Balcony Floral Flame

Side Cushions - Vista Stripe Flame


Some Assembly may be Required


Seater 3 W203cm (80") – D89cm (35") – H89cm (35")
Seater 2 W153cm (60") – D89cm (35") – H89cm (35")

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Balcony Floral Powder Blue
Balcony Floral Aubergine
Balcony Floral Black
Balcony Floral Candy
Balcony Floral Citrus
Balcony Floral Cocoa
Balcony Floral Cream
Balcony Floral Flame
Balcony Floral Fuchsia
Balcony Floral Mauve
Balcony Floral Mocha
Balcony Floral Platinum
Balcony Floral Truffle
Balcony Floral Turquoise
Fresco Plain Aubergine
Fresco Plain Black
Fresco Plain Blue
Fresco Plain Candy
Fresco Plain Citrus
Fresco Plain Cocoa
Fresco Plain Cream
Fresco Plain Flame
Fresco Plain Fuchsia
Fresco Plain Mauve
Fresco Plain Mocha
Fresco Plain Platinum
Fresco Plain Truffle
Fresco Plain Turquoise
Patio Leaf Cocoa
Patio Leaf Turquoise
Patio Leaf Aubergine
Patio Leaf Black
Patio Leaf Candy
Patio Leaf Citrus
Patio Leaf Cream
Patio Leaf Flame
Patio Leaf Fuchsia
Patio Leaf Mauve
Patio Leaf Mocha
Patio Leaf Platinum
Patio Leaf Powder Blue
Patio Leaf Truffle
Vista Stripe Aubergine
Vista Stripe Black
Vista Stripe Citrus
Vista Stripe Flame
Vista Stripe Fuchsia
Vista Stripe Mauve
Vista Stripe Mocha
Vista Stripe Platinum
Vista Stripe Powder Blue
Vista Stripe Turquoise


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