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Latest news

24th April 2015

How to dress up a designer sofa

The designer sofa you get from DesignerSofas4U will undoubtedly look beautiful, but if you want to throw another level of personalisation into your design scheme by enhancing this furniture, there are plenty of options available. Freshening up and dressing a sofa is a simple and easy way to change a living space; you can make your home feel even more individual cheaply and with very little effort.
21st April 2015

What makes a sofa en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly-friendly?

Nowadays, sofa buyers frequently ask far more than just "will this sofa look nice in my living room?" More and more people want to minimise their environmental impact and carbon footprint, and although a sofa is not necessarily the most fuel-intensive consumer item, there's still plenty of variation in the green credentials of designer sofas.
17th April 2015

Sofas outstrip top gadgets on Brit's wishlists

What would you like to buy for your home? You might think that Brits would like a new television set, or maybe new white goods or a total household makeover, but believe it or not, the most commonly-coveted prospective future purchase among our fellow countrymen is the sofa.
8th April 2015

3 reasons to get your leather sofa from De­sig­ner­Sof­as4U

We know you'll be delighted by the service you will get from DesignerSofas4U - you can rest assured that we'll pull out all the stops to get you your dream leather sofa at your dream price.
3rd April 2015

Do you use sitcoms for in­spi­rati­on when buying leather sofas?

Would you like the leather recliners they had on Friends? Or what about Fraiser's living room set - perhaps without Martin's chair? It's no surprise that Brits get their style inspiration from their television shows, but did you know that 31% of homeowners confess to spending an average of 3,836 to making their homes look like something they have seen on the TV?

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