Bring durability and style in your home with chesterfield sofas

Bring durability and style in your home with chesterfield sofas  %Post Title
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This extremely comfortable and graceful sofa is a true example of creativity in the furniture market. With its origin in 18th century and having royal historical background this sofa type surely gives a unique seating experience because of its extreme comfort and royal look. It is no doubt a well crafted sofa with utmost comfort and style that never goes out of fashion.


Bring durability and style in your home with chesterfield sofas  %Post TitleChesterfield Sofa 

Some people claim that it is linked to royalty and was initially made for an Earl of chesterfield. True story or not, it has graced the royal palaces of kings and queens, great business offices and luxurious residences of elite for sure.  The unique design of this classic timeless couch has extreme durability and functionality.

The arms and the backs have equal heights bracing each other well. The extremely low seat gives the sofa a low centre of gravity. The sofa frame is traditionally wrapped with leather covers. Use of leather increases the grace and durability. The tight wrap of cover is buttoned down leading the fabric to stay intact and adding endurance. Traditionally the arms of these sofas are rolled with nail head trim front face. Buttons are used to tighten the fabric. The arms and backs have the same height. These are the identifiable features associated with these sofas only. One can easily recognize a chesterfield sofa with these distinguishing features.

The experience of seating on this sofa is a true blend of extreme comfort and sophistication. It goes well with all interior decor and can instantly alter a dull room to a luxurious room. This classic, elegant and durable piece of furniture full of utmost comfort and style is a best pick if you are shopping for sofas for your home or office. They are equally popular pick of hotel and restaurant owners who requires a luxurious and comfortable seating for their customers.