The history and style of Chesterfield sofas

The history and style of Chesterfield sofas  %Post Title
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These sofas come a long way in history representing several things to people. In the Victorian era the chesterfield leather sofas were the key piece of living rooms with gentlemen relaxing and women doing their needle work on them. The ultimate comfort of them compelled the great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud to use it for seating his patients for hypnosis sessions. These are still famous and one may find them in contemporary interiors and even places like coffee bars.

They have been gracing the royal places like palaces, luxurious houses, big business offices, clubs, expensive restaurants and five star hotel lobbies for years. It originated from Europe and with its elegance and classic looks spread throughout the world in few years.  It represents class and luxury even today. It surely embodies a perfect blend of both comfort and sophistication.

It is believed to be made initially for Philip Dormer Stanhope the forth Earl of chesterfield in 18th century. He was a man of great morals and manners and was surely a trend setter. He once ordered a carpenter to make a refined couch with utmost of luxury and comfort allowing a gentleman to sit upright with style. Its unique features include leather buttoned upholstery, rolled arms, extremely low seat, arms and back with equal heights and nail head trim.  Some people believe it was named after the town in Derbyshire. In Canada the term chesterfield is simply used for a sofa.

Whatever its history is, the important fact is that it is still popular and will surely remain in demand in the area of luxurious seating for centuries to come because of its unique, elegant and comfortable design. It was a symbol of richness and luxury but today it is equally famous in middle class home, hotels and business offices. The variety of designs, colors and materials in chesterfield sofas have increased its market to great levels and it still has a potential of going a long way.

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The history and style of Chesterfield sofas  %Post Title

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