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A couch and relaxing chair evolved with time and in modern days, it is available in many shapes, designs and seating capacity. One of the evolved types is a sofa, which is used for comfortable seating. A beautiful design in sofas is Button Back Sofa. It is elegant in its looks and available in stylish traditional or classic designs. This sofa gives a traditional but attractive appearance to all. It is classy in its style; many buttons are used at the back of these sofas, which make these sofas more attractive.

Button Back Sofa  %Post Title

In the current market of sofas, this sofa is coming in different styles and seating capacity based on material and user requirements. Seating capacity ranges from a single seat to five seats normally and can be variable according to different user requirements. Metals and wood are used in manufacturing of this sofa even now there are sofas made of fiber material. The covering materials who form the elegance of this sofa are consisting of various types of upholstery fabric covering foam padding. Fabrics that are used to cover this sofa consist of velvet, leather, fur and many other covering materials. In short, we can say that this trendy and beautiful sofa providing high comfort has a class of its own.

Button back sofas are usually larger, and they are most suitable for a spacious room. The buttons are ideally placed at equal distance forming a lattice type design. The covering material for the buttons is usually the same or matching with the upholstery.  The main thing about this sofa is that it is hand made and many tufted back sofas have buttons on them used as embellishments to enhance the style and beauty. There can be as few as 3 to 5 buttons, or it can be dozens of buttons on the back of the sofa for a unique look.