Caring For Your Chesterfield Sofa or Armchair

You’ve invested in a great piece of classically styled leather furniture. When it comes to leather, few names connote a greater sense of value and craftsmanship than the name “Chesterfield”. Now that you’ve added a the timeless elegance of a tufted leather sofa to your study or a set of buttoned down Chesterfield armchairs are now flanking your fireplace, you want to ensure they keep their classic good looks and style for many years to come. In order to do that, you need to be sure you care for them properly.

Like any other quality piece of leather furniture, a Chesterfield sofa or armchair deserves a thorough cleaning and oiling on a regular basis. Do not use harsh detergents to clean leather. In fact, you should deliberately choose the mildest soap and dilute it well in warm water. Then, before applying to the front of the piece, test the leather’s tolerance for the cleansing mixture by dabbing a bit on a hidden spot in the back. If the dye is colorfast and the detergent doesn’t discolor the material, then continue to wash the piece.

After the sofa is clean, you’ll want to rub it dry with a soft cloth. Then, using a clean cloth, apply either a ready-made leather treatment or mink oil. Apply this in circular or buffing motions to work the emollient deep into the leather’s grain in order to prevent the material from drying. Dry leather can crack or peel.

For some, this will sound like too much work and they’ll opt to call in a professional to clean their leather pieces. Still, if you want to save your money and keep up your good furniture, it is not so very hard. While the cleaning and maintaining of it might require a little effort on your part, a great leather Chesterfield sofa or armchair is an investment worthy of the time and labor.