Chesterfield – A History of the Royal Chair

Chesterfield – A History of the Royal Chair  %Post Title
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Chesterfield – A History of the Royal Chair  %Post Title

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The history of chesterfield chair starts from Philip Stanhope, the forth Earl of Chesterfield (1694 – 1773). Legend suggests that he was for the first time commissioned to make a sofa of such esteemed dignity that it would be fit for kings and earls. The style and type of sofa has become a sign of dignity and with the start of the 20th century every common sofa was known as a chesterfield in England. Later changes in design and types of sofa  provided the distinctive leather and deep buttoned chairs as chesterfield chairs.

However, there is also a contradiction to this fable as there might be a later earl of chesterfield who would have presided over the development of this chair. Another story that has been given is that the county of chesterfield was where it was first made by the people of chesterfield. Any old workers who perfect themselves in the art of making a chesterfield sofa suggest that their teachers’ teacher may have originated from the town of chesterfield.

The word chesterfield is very common in Canada where it is known as a sofa, although the word sofa is also used. The English speaking area of Canada think that the word chesterfield has been derived from their usage of the word and prior to England it was being made in Canada. This story does not hold a lot of substance as the Canadian linguistic Association says that the word chesterfield was first used in Canada in 1903 whereas it was widely used in England a hundred years prior to it.

In  the present day, in England a chesterfield is any deep buttoned sofa with the back and the arm rest of the same height. The chesterfield chair has been in use since the 18th century as images and portraits of Kings and Earls depict that the chair was very much in use in those times.