Family Friendly Chesterfield Sofa and Armchair Designs

Sometimes we forget that a classic and elegant piece of furniture is not meant exclusively for the use of grown ups. Children love big, overstuffed couches and chairs as much as we adults do. It goes without saying that kids that have inherited the good taste of their parents will naturally enjoy a good Chesterfield sofa or armchair. That’s all right. The good news is that they can enjoy them and with a few less restraints. That’s because today’s Chesterfields have become much more family friendly.

While they have not substituted the quality hardwood frames, the luxuriously thick padding or the finely grained leather with its signature tufts, they have made these great looking pieces a bit more carefree and fun. For instance some sofa and chairs now have seat cushions in other materials. Get a nice rust-colored leather Chesterfield sofa or armchair with a brocade seat cushion, or one upholstered in some other kid-friendly sort of cloth. That means that those dreaded phrases “keep your feet off the sofa” and “don’t you dare drink soda in that chair” can be banned from your vocabulary, making life easier for you and a lot more fun for the children.

Don’t think for a minute that these family friendly pieces are any less durable or well made than the ones you have known and loved for years. They still have to meet some pretty high standards to call themselves Chesterfield furniture. Still, with sofa styles that include sectionals, sleepers and mixed fabrics, to armchairs that will hold you and two kids for story time, these are fun new ways to enjoy some old-fashioned value.

So, go ahead and let your toddler take a nap on the sofa or sit with his feet curled beneath him. It’s a great leather sofa, but it is also one made with his comfort, as well as yours, in mind.