Hotel Furniture, Chesterfield Sofas – 5 Reasons They’re So Popular

Hotel Furniture, Chesterfield Sofas - 5 Reasons They’re So Popular  %Post Title
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The Chesterfield sofa is a classic, easily recognizable design that’s been around for over 300 years.  So why is such an “old” design used by so many “modern” hotel decorators?  Here are five reasons why the Chesterfield leather sofa is such a popular choice for hotels.Hotel Furniture, Chesterfield Sofas - 5 Reasons They’re So Popular  %Post Title



The classic Chesterfield leather sofa is often associated with the ambience of private clubs and upscale mansions.  This design is one of few that can be said to add “instant elegance” to any space, especially when it is done in the classic brown or black leather upholstery. Like the crystal chandelier and plush carpets, the Chesterfield leather sofa adds a touch of classic elegance to any space.


Hotel guests vary in age and size.  Children may bounce on furniture, and heavier guests may tend to “plop” when they seat themselves.  The solid hardwood (usually beech or birch) frame of the classic Chesterfield  helps it stand up to frequent use without coming apart. The leather upholstery is more durable than fabric, and won’t become threadbare or dingy with use.


The classic brown and black leather upholstery ages well.  Aniline dying creates a mellow patina as the sofa ages.  Spills won’t readily penetrate the leather, and the sofa can be wiped clean.

Versatile Style

The simple lines of the Chesterfield sofa work well with many styles from traditional to contemporary.  Accessories can be traditional, modern or an eclectic blend.  The neutral black and brown colors also serve as an ideal foil for modern color trends.


Finally, the Chesterfield tradition is one of comfort.  The traditional depth of the piece adds to comfort, and the tufting helps to prevent uncomfortable shifting in the padding beneath the upholstery.

And it is for these reasons that the Chesterfield sofa design has lasted for over 300 years.  And as modern designers “discover” this classic, it’s likely to be around for many years to come.