chesterfield balmoral 2 seater sofa settee old english burgandy leather
Its important to protect leather sofas as they can be quite delicate at times. There are many ways in which you can protect them such as applying a leather protectant which protects your sofa from cracking. Its important you use the correct leather protectant which is right for the type of leather you have on your sofa.
Extreme weather also effects the sofa, make sure its is far from heaters and air conditioners and is placed in a room temperature. Make sure your sofa is placed away from the window so it will be protected from direct sunlight which will cause the sofa to fade. Keeping sharp objects away is always important not only for leather sofas but for all. These sharp objects such as scissor or knives may puncture the leather and ruin it.
Avoid smoking near your sofas as the burnt marks are permanent. If you’re planning to go somewhere on vacations, it’s a good idea to cover your sofa with sheet to avoid it from dust.  Try and wipe your leather sofa once in a week or so as it will protect it from dust and always look as good as new. Always remember not to apply too much detergent or soap on the sofa and be careful in not spilling your drinks on the sofa as the leather can absorb liquid. Another way you can protect your sofas is by keeping your pets off from them as their claws and paws cause scratches on the sofas.
Also avoid placing objects on your sofa that leaves an indentation. Its important you always use the proper materials that are designed for the leather in your sofa for cleaning the sofas and be careful not to use abrasive cleaner as it will damage your sofa. These are some very informative tips for protecting your leather sofas and giving them a long-life.  These are some very informative tips for protecting your leather sofas and giving them a long-life.