How to steam clean your leather Sofa

How to steam clean your leather Sofa  %Post Title
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Steam cleaning your leather sofa can help you get rid of a lot of problems such as bad odors, dust mites and will help kill allergens from the fabric of the sofa.  Steam cleaning your sofa can help you get rid of dirt, mold, soils and stains without having to go through the professional cleaning which can damage the sofa after all the chemical use.
Steam cleaning your sofa can remove up to 98 percent germs with its hot water. If you have finally decided to steam clean your leather sofa, then do it the right way. Rent the upholstery commercial cleaner which is easily available on rent at any home improvement store. Before using the steam cleaner on your sofa, make a mixture of white vinegar and linseed oil and wipe the leather sofa thoroughly and let it dry for at least an hour before steam cleaning your sofa. If your leather sofa is old, lathe it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to remove any and all seat cushions before commencing the cleaning.
How to steam clean your leather Sofa  %Post Title

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Now when you have done all the above mentioned things and are now ready to work on the sofa, select a specific area on the couch and begin the steam cleaning within that piece of sofa only. If your little test is successful and your premix is correct, start from the back side of the sofa and use circular motion by using the attachments that came along with your cleaner. Once you are done with the outside, remove sofa cushions and start cleaning the inside of the couch using circular motion.
After cleaning the inside, now proceed to the front side of the couch, make sure that you take out all the cushions and clean them separately for better results. After the cleaning process is complete, open windows or turn on the ceiling fan to dry the damp sofa more quickly.