Large Striped Sofa

Large Striped Sofa  %Post Title
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A living room requirement of the sofa can be completed by having a large striped sofa in the room. Striped sofas look at their best in the home environment and are not found at large in offices and hotels and other places where sofas are used as seating.

This sofa does not cost a lot as compared to other sofas, but this sofa has a good appearance and is eye catching if the selection of the color is proper. The background color of the sofa should be in a lighter tone, and stripes should be a bit darker but both  colors should match the interior of the room where it is placed to appear at its best.

Large Striped Sofa  %Post Title

A large sofa with stripes has a seating capacity of 3 to 5 persons, and varies according to the requirements of the customer. You can also have a sectional sofa to add or remove seats as per your need. Fabric is another important feature of this sofa, which adds on to its beauty. Many different qualities, designs and colors are available in upholstery fabrics available in the market. The print and design look good as well as matches the interior of the room, theme and décor. A large striped sofa needs a huge lounge so it is wise to consider the fact where this sofa is to be placed. This also has an impact on pricing of this sofa if a high quality striped fabric is used the rates would go on a higher side and if a medium ranged over striped fabric is used then prices are affordable. However, this sofa is a good choice for seating arrangement in a living room. You can choose a small striped sofa to enhance the décor of your bedroom or children room. Striped design is also used for making love seat and chairs