Styles of Fireside Chairs

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that fireside chairs come in a huge variety of colors, sizes, shapes and most importantly styles that you can find for any kind of a room, regardless of its surrounding and environment. Fireside tall back chairs, with armrests for comfort as standard, have the extra advantage or option of removing them whenever you want as per requirement.  Coming back to the huge amount of variety available and the styles that come in, I must mention a few of the most famous styles that are much appreciated and commonly available in the market.

 The barrowford style of fireside chairs is one of the most popular styles. It is a static high back chair which has wings and infills and they are available in natural tones or even mahogany finishes.

 The wing style chair is also often associated with the fireside chairs. They are also known as wing-backs and came into existence in the early 1700’s and the best thing is they are equally popular today! They are basically entirely upholstered with fabric or leather. Their original purpose was to keep them using the different chairs safe from drafts, usually found in ancient houses which weren’t properly insulated.  One of their other uses was to keep the sitter safe from the heat that comes from the fireplace to make sure they don’t get damaged during sitting near the fireplace.

 The Queen Anne fireside chair is one of the most popular types of fireside chairs and it appeared on the market at the end of the 18th century. They were made a little smaller because they were intended to be used by women basically.

  Other contemporary styles can also be found because these aren’t all, there’s a whole lot more variety available. Search the net or go and look around at your local stores.