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A sofa with tufts at its back forming a beautiful and elegant design is what that is going to attract a customer who is looking for a comfort and elegance. Tufted Back Sofa is now a hot selling sofa with its hybrid design formed by buttons and thick designed threads. The upholstering adds on to beauty of this sofa, and every upholster has its unique appeal. Velvet upholsters give a smooth look that one cannot resist but sit on it to have the feel. On the other hand, leather is best suited to place in an office or clinics due to its easy to clean characteristics and sturdiness to withstand wear and tear. Silk or cotton silk gives it a famine touch that is used for contemporary designs. So these upholsters add on to the beauty of this sofa and contribute to its elegance according to their characteristics.
These sofas are available in different styles, for example, curvaceous style, rounded legs. Brass finished legs and many more. These sofas are ideal for a guest rooms, offices, hotels and meeting halls. For a home environment, this sofa will be an attractive and eye catching point for the guests. You would love to invite people every weekend to boast about your new sofa. The best combination for this sofa is to match the fabric with the interior of the room but a very contrasting thick designed thread that forms tuft a bit visible on the back and cushions to have same tufts similar to those at the sofa back. This sofa is the ultimate choice for those who want to be trendy but elegant as it can very easily blend in with their contemporary style homes. Luxury combined with a strong aesthetic appeal makes these sofas choices of the elites and celebrities.