Analyze Space for Chesterfield Sofas

Analyze Space for Chesterfield Sofas  %Post Title
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Chesterfield sofas actually date back to the 19th century! The trademark of this fashion includes a high back sofa which has armrests that match the height of the high back. In addition to that, these sofas also have rolled arms and irremovable sewn-in cushions. Chesterfield sofas are usually covered in leather or velvet to give that perfect classic vintage look and they traditionally mark stretched tailoring and tufting that is accented with buttons. Since they usually come in big sizes, issues of space arise often when setting them with other accessories in a room, so one has to put in the effort to fit them in a room and decorate accordingly!

Analyze Space for Chesterfield Sofas  %Post Title

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If you put such a sofa next to a wall, you will end up losing floor space and create a dead zone at the back of the couch. This will create a new problem and will give an opportunity to dust and other rubbish to collect there. The dead zone is also an unattractive element when seen from another part of the room. If this happens you can conclude that the furniture was not properly placed in the room.