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Enjoy a Chesterfield sofa, which will give your classroom a lot of class

Without a doubt, the elegant design of a Chesterfield sofa is not comparable with any other. The sobriety and the distinction they give to the environment are the main characteristics for which they are most requested. Placing a piece of furniture of this style, you will not need any additional accessories to give personality to your living room.

In England, this type of sofa is highly valued, especially in areas such as Hampshire, which have been dedicated to making the most resistant and enduring designs, with unsurpassed quality details, which make customers satisfied. The tradition in the realization of this furniture has been preserved intact, through more than a century of existence.

Since its inception, this sofa was designed to meet the highest demands, as the 4th Earl of Chesterfield was responsible for making a piece of furniture, which would ensure that the person who sat on them, remained with the back straight and maintained a correct posture; which is why the model carries the arms to the same height as the back. In the same way, he ordered the armchair to be quite resistant.

The upholstery in the capitoné style reinforces the durability since this buttoning does not allow the padding to deform and always maintain its shape. With the passage of time, it has become a classic model among those who wish to have a decoration in the best conservative style. It is ideal for libraries, offices, offices and waiting rooms, its strength of great resistance.

The style of the sofa has remained intact, varying only in the number of seats, colors, and height of the back. As is known, this design was originally used in an armchair, which could accommodate a single person. But with the passage of time, it was conditioned for more than two people and, nowadays, they get up to five seats.

Other variations have led to the Chesterfield sofa to be a modular furniture, to adjust to different spaces and change the decor more frequently, making it more versatile and interact more with the environment. To these large pieces, wheels have been added to the legs to make it more comfortable to move, since it is a strong and heavy piece of furniture.

In some models have been introduced very subtle changes, such as the edge of the back, which has been designed a little higher than normal, to give a resemblance to a throne, adding more sobriety and making it more select. The variety of colors that have been included have light shades of brown and white, which makes it stand out for its elegance.

The traditional colors have been red wine, dark red, green and brown, but over the years has innovated in this regard and have introduced more subdued and soft colors to harmonize more with the environment and achieve a much more decoration modern, with a touch of elegance, because despite changing the color, its sober and natural style lasts.

This piece of furniture represents an institution within the design of sofas since they represent classic jewels that do not go out of style at any time and remain in time.