Chesterfield Sofas Make A Classic Statement

Chesterfield Sofas Make A Classic Statement  %Post Title
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Long renowned for being not only stylish, but also extremely well made, Chesterfield sofas can frequently be found in some of the best homes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Their origin, of course, is British, but they enjoy immense popularity in The USA and Canada, as well. Their classic shape, style and materials set these sofas apart, making them as much a statement of good taste, as they are a statement of classical style.

Chesterfield Sofas Make A Classic Statement  %Post Title

Chesterfield Orange leather sofa

 The history of Chesterfield sofas is a lot more difficult to map out than the immaculate and precise detail of their construction. Their solid wood frames, superior padding and, of course, the best of leather with its distinctive “button down” back, combine to put the Chesterfield into a class by itself. So, whether they originated with some fifteenth century British Earl of Chesterfield or the name stems from the term applied to it by early tradesmen, its quality is unquestionably the highest.

 Though all Chesterfields bear the trademarks of their type, there are a number of variations in style. The shape of the arms, the height of the back and any other number of variations in style and size do not preclude it bearing the Chesterfield name. In fact, there is even a sectional. This means that decorating with a Chesterfield doesn’t limit one to a particular style or even a shade. Leather sofas in the Chesterfield style come in lots of colors from the well-known and beloved dark brown to burgundy to pale soft cream. The variety in style and color allow designers and home decorators a lot of levity when decorating with this classic piece.

 Fine Chesterfield sofas make quite a statement about your good taste to the world. When you make room in your décor for one, you are adding an heirloom quality piece of furniture to your home that will only appreciate in value and retain its sense of style with the passage of time.