Chesterfield Sofas With Special Touches

Chesterfield Sofas With Special Touches  %Post Title
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Most of us are familiar with the signature look and feel of fine Chesterfield sofas. Did you know, however, that they’re no longer done in the traditional all leather look? Having been a fan of the traditional buttoned-up leather sofa for my entire life, I was surprised to locate several manufacturers of Chesterfield furniture who are combining the leather frame cover with cushions and even backing that is upholstered in fabric. Just when this transition first began, I don’t know. I do admit that, when I first learned of it, I was hesitant about this change. Now, however, I have decided to wholly embrace it and give this new twist on my favorite old sofa a solid vote of confidence.

Chesterfield Sofas With Special Touches  %Post Title

Chesterfield Oxblood sofa

While they may lack the ages old elegance of the full leather, tufted and buttoned sofas that made the name Chesterfield famous, these hybrids (my term for them) can offer a homeowner the best of both worlds. What makes them special and still unique is the Chesterfield craftsmanship that is still employed in creating each one. The frame, the padding, the leather and even the new fabric coverings still provide the purchaser with a better quality sofa. Even better, it still has that distinctive look and feel that only comes from the Chesterfield family of furnishings.

My favorite of the new Chesterfield sofas is one done in a caramel colored leather with an intricate brocade pattern on the seat cushions an the backing. The arms, sides and other parts are leather. The brocade is an exquisite blend of colors in a geometric pattern and would look as well with a classically styled living room suite as it would in a Western-style den.

So, for those who have always admired the Chesterfield style, but wanted a little less leather, your wish is granted. Best of all, you’ll still be getting a great sofa that will last.