Chesterfields, Chesterfield Sofas manufactured in UK

Chesterfields, Chesterfield Sofas manufactured in UK  %Post Title
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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the hotel experience is designed to pamper the guest in comfort.  And one classic piece of furniture in many hotels is the Chesterfield sofa.  With classic brown or black leather upholstery and simple, distinctive lines, this timeless classic has survived several hundred years of widely differing trends in furnishings.  Long associate with private clubs, exclusive homes, and luxury hotels, the Chesterfield sofa adds a touch of class to any space.  And its simplicity makes it a decorator’s delight, whether the regal focal point of a traditional room or a surprising anchor piece in an eclectic contemporary room.

Chesterfields, Chesterfield Sofas manufactured in UK

But while style and sturdiness are an important factor in the hotel’s decision to purchase Chesterfield sofas, it is the incomparable comfort that sets the standard other sofas aspire to.

There are many legends concerning the origin of the Chesterfield sofa.  The most often cited story is that the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a sofa which would allow a person to sit properly while offering the utmost in comfort.

As challenging economic times may mean a cutback in pleasure travel, as well as more time spent at home, why not bring hotel comfort and elegance home by choosing a Chesterfield sofa when it comes time to furnish or redecorate your home?

You, too can enjoy the classic elegance and optimal comfort of the Chesterfield sofa.  Modern models are available in sizes to fit any room, and styles to complement any décor.

The solid hardwood frame allows for the most secure fastenings, and is the foundation of the Chesterfield.  Padding is applied in layers, and the classic leather upholstery’s distinctive tufting helps add to the overall sturdiness of the piece. And that sturdiness makes this design a great value as well.

So bring the best of the hotel home by choosing your own Chesterfield sofa!Chesterfields, Chesterfield Sofas manufactured in UK  %Post Title