Leather Sofa Living Room

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There are many challenges in furnishing a hotel.  Initial cost is always a factor.  However, other factors are just as important, if not more so.  Are the furnishings durable enough to be in constant use by patrons of all sizes and ages?  Is the piece practical for a public area—comfortable and easy to clean?  And of course, will the style enhance the ambience of the establishment?

Leather Sofa Living Room  %Post Title


For many hotels, all these conditions are satisfied by one classic piece of furniture: the Leather Sofa.

This classic design suggests the classic elegance of the palace.  And while the sturdy hardwood frame forms the heart of the Leather Sofa, the rich patina of fine leather upholstery is the soul.  The precise pattern of the classic button tufting and the simple lines helps the Leather Sofa graciously fit in with other changes in décor over many years.

The Chesterfield sofa design is timeless.  Chesterfield sofas have graced stately homes, private clubs, and luxury hotels for over 300 years.  Modern designers have re-discovered the Chesterfield, often making it the anchor piece in eclectic rooms.  Modernized versions vary upholstery fabrics; however, the classic leather upholstered in black or brown aniline-dyed leather is still the epitome of high-class seating.

A Chesterfield sofa adds “instant elegance” to any space, and calls up an aura of stately dignity to envelope the patron in classic comfort.  One can relax with after-dinner cigars and brandy in noble tradition, or chat in total comfort on this classic sofa.

Hotel decorators know how important ambience can be in enticing guests to return to the hotel.  Periodic changes in accessories help keep décor fresh and interesting, while classic foundational pieces help to establish the overall tone of the room, and help the decorator stay within a reasonable budget.