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Despite the fact that the style of Chesterfield sofas has been maintained over the years, since its invention in the 19th century, this piece of furniture continues to be listed as one of the most famous in the world. The tufted model is one of the most sought-after, both on the sofa and in the chairs and armchairs.

There are thousands of manufacturers worldwide, who have developed the most extraordinary production techniques but retaining the structure, design, and materials that make up this work of art.

The best and toughest woods, the softest foams and fibers to make the padding and the most attractive leathers and furs to coat the frame, are the fundamental elements to achieve an excellent Chesterfield sofa.

The teachers who make these sofas have years of experience, which are transmitted to their disciples to continue with the purpose of maintaining the quality of the piece, which has made it recognized over the years.

The secret is to use the most resistant materials and make each one a hand, to take care of all the details that make it up. If you are looking for a sofa to complement your main room, do not have the slightest doubt that this model will give you what you need.

Currently, they are made in different sizes and with measures that fit all the spaces. They can be obtained in one piece and modular, to play with the place and change the decoration when the client wants it.

The size is no longer a problem, although it is a rather heavy piece, has a system of wheels on wooden legs, to move it anywhere in the house without having to make the greatest effort and without damaging the floor.

According to the extension of the sofa, more legs are placed to reinforce the weight. This structure is rarely deformed or deteriorated since its construction is made with very strong materials. So you will have a sofa for many years.

The upholstery material can be traditional leather, polished or matt. You can also find models lined with leather and suede cloth or softer and velvety materials.

In the video gallery, a wide variety of shapes and designs are shown to enhance the spaces of the house. With different models that can be adapted to any room and fit any person.

The testimonies of the clientele are the basis to continue on this path, as they give us the endorsement to continue making the best Chesterfield sofas. This can be checked by any user who has had the opportunity to acquire one of these pieces.

You can reaffirm the quality of all Chesterfield furniture so that you can verify the veracity of all sofas. In the gallery, it shows all the most select and the best combinations that can be done to have a well-designed lounge.

In it, you can have a precise guide, of what you want to acquire. There are sofas of several seats, armchairs for a single person, sofa bed, complete sets confirmed with three separate pieces. Additionally, accessories are shown, such as rugs, ornaments, paintings, etc. to decorate the room.