How to choose armchair for a small living room

How to choose armchair for a small living room  %Post Title
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When you are living in a small house or apartment, planning out space is very crucial as you definitely do not wish to live in a cluttered place. For safety and relaxation sake, at least 2-3 feet distance should be kept between the furniture items. This rule applies especially in the chairs in front of the dining table or coffee table. The distance should be of 2 foot minimum to have sufficient room when you stand. In such a small place, desiring an armchair is possible because of the various sizes available in market. If you want this item in your home, follow the below points and then place the purchase order.

Ensuring size before buying this chair is crucial. You cannot buy an oversized chair for a small living space. However it is not only about size but you will have to consider different designs as well. In this, choose the chair with freestanding legs, thin arms and legs that are covered by upholstery flaps. You are going to have a choice between straight lines and curves. Forget about curves and choose straight lines to fit the chair in your living room.

Regarding the size, the armchair you choose must be of between 24 and 32 inches width. Do not forget the measurement of outer dimension of this item when it comes to limited space. The design of the armchair matters a lot in a small space. Many manufactures ignore the fact that these chairs are primarily used for sitting and these chairs must provide comfort.