Footstools Are Not Always Created Equal

Footstools Are Not Always Created Equal  %Post Title
queen anne footstool antique green leather

Don’t be fooled. A good footstool has merits that cheaper, less substantial ones do not. So, how does a novice shopper go about finding good footstools? Easy. You follow the same guidelines you would when shopping for any sort of furniture. It has to answer the three big questions. First, is it well made? Second, is it made from good, quality materials? And, lastly, does it look the part?

Unlike sofas or bedroom suites, the footstool is not usually a major purchase and people might be tempted to overlook getting these three questions answered. If it looks okay and the price is right, they buy it. Then, a few months later, they are usually sorry that they did. So, let’s consider what goes into a good footstool by making sure we get the answers we need.

Not all footstools are crafted from solid hardwoods to support the seat, and since many are completely upholstered, you are going to have to up end them to check out the framework. Take the time to do this. Good solid joinery and solid, sturdy wood (no compressed “wood”), ensure the piece will handle wear and tear. Then, you want to examine the materials. You’ve seen the wood of the frame, how about the feet? Is the material covering it nice looking or high-quality and nice looking? How about the padding? These factors weigh heavily in the durability and style of the piece. Last, but not least, does it look like a footstool you would actually prop your feet up on? If it looks great but doesn’t provide a comfy prop, then don’t buy it.

Footstools Are Not Always Created Equal  %Post Title

antique green leather footstool

Footstools Are Not Always Created Equal  %Post Title

Making sure you get a footstool worth buying is as easy as getting three simple questions answered. So, take the time and look beneath the surface to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.