Footstools Fashions For Instant Room Makeovers

Footstools Fashions For Instant Room Makeovers  %Post Title
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You have a beautifully decorated living room or den, but you are just a little bored with it. There are lots of tricks that allow you to make a very small change that will affect the overall appearance of the room, banishing boredom like waving a magic wand. A favorite instant makeover of this decorating diva involves that often-overlooked necessity of a comfortable room, footstools.

The lowly footstool doesn’t get center stage attention in very many decors. Indeed, in this modern era, many people don’t seem to bother with them at all. Still, I find them delightful because they provide us with a comfortable place to prop our tired feet at the end of a long day or a long walk, and because they are adaptable to almost any style. They can, in addition, perform an amazing trick. They can change their skins like a chameleon, providing a constant array of different looks from the same piece of humble furniture.

This trick works with almost every style of footstool, but I prefer the classic rectangular pones that are upholstered but still have a bit of leg either showing or hidden beneath a skirt of fabric. A couple of yards of upholstery fabric and some trim, along with your staple gun and the willingness to tackle a transformation project are all you need to take the gray and green plaid footstool and turn it into an exotic, delicately embroidered silken footstool, or maybe a thick, tapestry woven covered stool. With an endless array of fabrics, you can have an endless supply of new footstools to punch up that ho-hum looking den.

Footstools Fashions For Instant Room Makeovers  %Post Title

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Footstools Fashions For Instant Room Makeovers  %Post Title

So pull out that footstool, dust it off and, then give it a fresh change of wardrobe. You can even do seasonal changes, covering it with the colors that best suit the time of year. Whatever fabric you choose, your footstool can provide an instant perk for a dull look.