Footstools Win The Versatility Award

Footstools Win The Versatility Award  %Post Title
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You want comfort and style in almost any piece of furniture you purchase. Whether it’s a major star in a room’s décor, such as a sofa or dining table, or it plays a supporting role such as a side table or an ottoman, it must perform well and look good, too. It’s the small things, the supporting players, which make the scene really come to life, and my nomination for the bit of furniture that works the hardest to help the overall drama of the room goes to… the footstool.

Footstools Win The Versatility Award  %Post Title

Chesterfield brown footstool

Footstools Win The Versatility Award  %Post Title

 Footstools can play many roles in a room. In my den, the large, tufted leather ottoman that holds my feet when I’m reclining in my chair can also be a side table holding a tray of cookies and milk when my grandchildren are visiting. It has been, with a towel draped over it for protection, a place for tired feet to get an in-home pedicure and has, on more than one occasion, been pressed into service as an extra “chair”. What other piece of furniture could possibly play all of these parts and still show its good side every time?

Of course, there are some stick-in-the-mud types who find these darling stools too old-fashioned or they think they are only for propping up the feet. These folks, obviously, have no idea how many ways a family can find to use a good footstool. They must also be quite unfamiliar with the beautiful shapes and the countless decadent fabrics in which our footstools are covered today. If so, they’d be finding lots of new uses for theirs, as I have mine.

So, if you’re handing out awards to furniture, and want my nominee for the best supporting accessory in a room’s décor, my nod goes to the footstool and/or the ottoman. By either name, it deserves an award for versatility, good looks and charm.