How to Clean a Fabric Sofa

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Fabric sofas are usually very common and most lounges and living rooms have fabric sofas in them. Sofas that are used daily are usually made of heavy duty fabric so that they can last for a long time and they are designed in such a way that they are able to withstand wear and tear for quite a long period of time. Fabric sofas, especially those in the living rooms, must be kept neat and clean. This is because they are used by all casual guests like friends, family members, and yourself the most which is why it’s important to keep them attractive and presentable without any kind of dirt or stains on them.

Contrary to popular belief, it really isn’t very difficult to keep fabric sofas clean. You just have to be slightly particular and constant in taking care of them and the rest isn’t too hard to manage. A lot of people avoid fabric sofas and opt for leather ones because they think the upkeep of fabric sofas is too hard. Here are some ways to keep your fabric sofas clean and looking like new.

Vacuum the sofa frequently to get rid of dust. Make use of the long vacuum attachment to get between the cushions and joints and you can also clean the heavy residue with the help of the brush attachment. Also, you can wipe off sticky remains using a moist cloth. Don’t forget to wet the cloth somewhat. If there is an embedded oil stain on the sofa, you can try to clean the sofa’s fabric with laundry detergent. Keep wiping the sofa and the stains will go away.

Clean the cloth using fresh water, squeeze it out, and wipe the cloth once again to get rid of any leftover laundry detergent or residue. Put the sofa under a fan or an airy place for two to three hours to dry properly.