How to Identify Queen Anne Furniture

Queen Anne furniture is a furniture style that became extremely popular in the beginning of the 18th century and was named after England’s Monarch during 1712 to 1714. Now such pieces of furniture add a lot of vintage type effects to their surrounding, regardless of wherever they are placed. Variations in living and lifestyle during those times reflected in the transformations of the style of furniture. Travel became easier due to changes in furniture as more and more people started traveling further. Queen Anne chairs have some basic traits and qualities which are given here.

Always take in to account the kind of wood they have used. This is because heavy oak wood was used rarely mainly because it was a bit too heavy to be used on a Queen Anne chair. Instead, woods like walnut, cherry, and maple were used due to the fact that they are of good quality and light at the same time. Walnut was most regularly used.

Make sure that you are looking for lighter-weight pieces. This is because at the time Queen Anne chairs were made, people used to travel a lot and hence for ease they were lighter than all other chairs so all original Queen Anne chairs are going to be light. Also, they have simpler lines and there was hardly any decoration. The look was much wavier.

Queen Anne chairs can also be identified by cabriole legs. Cabriole legs have and in-curved ankles and out-curved knees. This was a huge and drastic change from other furniture items and chairs to Queen Anne chairs. Also, examine the features of decoration of this piece of furniture. Almost all of them were decked with a curled scallop or cockle covering. The shell shape gives emphasis to the wavy feature of this furniture piece.