How To Properly Clean A Sofa

How To Properly Clean A Sofa  %Post Title
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How to Properly Clean a Sofa

A modern sofa is a necessity of almost every household nowadays. They come in various designs, sizes and are made of a variety of materials definitely fit and go with the style preferences of any individual today. You have the freedom to select the best for your needs among the thousands of sofa designs at the furniture shops and markets. Maintenance is vital in keeping your sofa in tiptop condition. Here are a few steps on how you can properly clean a sofa to keep it as new as it was on the first day.

Spot the stuff

For appropriate maintenance of your sofa, it is important to identify the material in it. You may unintentionally damage the excellence of your sofa when using a wrong clean-up agent for it. To avoid this, it is necessary to clarify with the furniture shops what type of cleaning agent is good to clean your sofa.

How To Properly Clean A Sofa  %Post Title

Cleaning a Leather Sofa

If your sofa is made in leather material then it is easy to maintain. Get a rag or a feather duster to remove the dust and other particles away from the sofa. You may also wet a cotton cloth in the water and swab your sofa clean. Do not ignore to clean the corners where the dust accumulates often.

Cleaning a Fabric Sofa

As for sofas made of various types of fabric, you may give it a good look with a vacuum cleaner to suck the entire dust from it. Any handy vacuum cleaner would be ideal for this scenario. For stains, take a soft cloth or soft toothbrush; wet it with water and cleansing solution to wipe off the stains.

Fur Sofa

Some modern sofas are made of fur and they can be difficult to clean as compared to leather and upholstered sofas. You may not clean your fur sofa by adopting the traditional cleaning methods; it may be strong enough to damage the fiber. However, you may use a vacuum cleaner to clean it and remove all the dust.How To Properly Clean A Sofa  %Post Title