Leather Striped Sleeper Sofa

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A dual functional sofa, which has appearance of a sofa but can work as a makeshift sleeping place is a sleeper sofa. A sleeper sofa is only meant for home use only; this sofa has a value and comes handy if a guest comes over who has to sleep overnight at your place.
This is a highly comfortable sofa, and gives a very relaxing feeling when utilized as a seating sofa or for sleep. These sofas are found mostly in TV Lounges where family members watch TV in a relaxed way, and if they want to relax, more they can even lie down on this sofa and watch TV.
The base of this sofa is broader in comparison to other sofas, and this base can easily accommodate a person trying to utilize it as a bed. This sofa can be utilized as a single bed. The base of this sofa is not only broader, but it is more foamed and is very soft just like a mattress. This is done to make the person sleeping on the sofa comfortable. This sofa is very handy and can be utilized as a bed space if the overnight guests have no place to sleep, or you do not have a separate bedroom or extra mattress.
A striped sleeper sofa design adds on to the beauty of a TV lounge or a living room, if selection of the fabric color is appropriate and is in contrast or perfect match with the surrounding interior of the room it would enhance the décor and blend in with the theme. In short, this is a good choice of the sofa to have in a house and is a high priority recommendation for a compact house or apartment. It is not only the best choice to save space and money but also a stripped sleeper sofa design shows the good taste of the owner.