Swarovski Furniture with Swarovski Sparkle, Crystal Sofa

Swarovski Furniture with Swarovski Sparkle, Crystal Sofa  %Post Title
chesterfield swarovski crystallized diamond 3 seater black velvet sofa offer

Swarovski Furniture with Swarovski Sparkle, Crystal Sofa  %Post TitleThe Chesterfield tradition is one of class and dignity. Most often associated with the exclusive realm of the rich and powerful, the classic Chesterfield Crystal sofa adds a touch of class and ambience to any environment.

However, contemporary designers have progressed beyond the traditional brown or black leather upholstery and simple button-tufting of the Chesterfield tradition, and ventured forth into an eye-catching contemporary interpretation of the classic. The lines remain the same; upholstery and buttons are upgraded to a more contemporary style and feel.

Visitors to Hotelympia 2010 Show were enthralled by a white leather version that featured hundreds of Swarovski crystals accenting the classic tufting. Swarovski crystal furniture are generally considered the top of the line in glass crystals, with a sparkle often compared to fine diamonds.

Designers throughout the world have created adaptations of this design. From simple elegance to whimsy, the marriage of classic Chesterfield design with modern bling is a winning combination.

While classic Chesterfield design is simple and somewhat masculine, relying on accessories to soften its lines, the Swarovski designs add a touch of feminine sparkle to the tailored style. The Swarovski lines have retained the classic style, sturdiness, and comfort of the traditional Chesterfield, while incorporating a 21st-century feel.

And while the simple, classic elegance of the Chesterfield design nostalgically pays tribute to classic virtues, the addition of the Swarovski crystals adds a contemporary twist that isn’t too trendy.

Most of these sofas are offered in neutral colors of brown, black, or white. However, some manufacturers are also offering muted greens, blues, and reds as well. These are often advertised as “limited edition” pieces, adding to the feel of exclusivity. Even Ikea offers a Chesterfield-inspired design—the Karstad sofa.

And while classic Crystal Chesterfield furniture already combines the best of style, durability, and comfort, the Swarovski crystal version adds a new dimension to this classic.