Types of Chesterfield Sofas

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Chesterfield sofas give an extremely elegant, vintage, and ancient décor look to your drawing room or sitting area. Though it’s not really used in lounges and living rooms because it gives a bit too serious look to these rooms. However, they are still very famous for drawing rooms and come in so many colors that one can’t even believe. Not only do they come in a variety of colors but also dozens of different styles and shapes so that they can fit into any size of a room and can be chosen from. However, the basic styles, which are most used, are limited to a few which are described below.

One of the most famous and basic styles of Chesterfield sofas is the straight or crested back Chesterfield sofa. As its name tells, it is basically linked with the back outline of the Chesterfield sofa. The straight backed Chesterfield sofas looks more traditional as far as the appearance is concerned even though crested back ones can actually give better lateral back support!

The second basic type of Chesterfield sofa is the high or low leg. This is linked with the posture of your Chesterfield sofa and puts stress on providing comfort to the people who are going to use it so that they can enjoy while relaxing on it. Usually, these days, many Chesterfield sofas have a thin undercarriage along with tall legs on plain wooden bun feet. This gives an added eminent appearance to the sofa.

The third basic type of Chesterfield sofa is the buttoned or cushioned base sofa which aims to give more comfort with the stuffed cushion in it and also often is buttoned or has a tufted base for the same reason. These are the most used types of Chesterfield sofas which people usually prefer getting!