What are Queen Anne Chairs?

What are Queen Anne Chairs?  %Post Title
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Queen Anne chairs have the furniture design of the Queen Anne style that was introduced in the 18th century in England. You might have witnessed them in movies with royal families that lived a long time ago. Also by the name itself, one can imagine the complex design of this piece of furniture.

Queen Anne chairs have different characteristics. They are portrayed simple with wavy lines, vasiform splats, and cabriole legs. Mostly, the appearance of the seats is that of a horse shoe shape. They can be decorated at the base and knees with attractive elements like carved shells and scroll motifs.

This Queen Anne style is the extension of the William and Mary style of furniture design. Influenced and inspired by the marvelous designs of the French cabinet maker Andre-Charles Boulle, the cabriole legs of this chair were made. The complexity and the complication of the designs were then changed to more sophisticated, elegant, simple, and not too ornamental under the influence of the conservative designs of the Chinese furniture that stepped up in the market. These chairs are not made from the solid oak that was popular in that century but from walnut or walnut coating. Mahogany and maple were also some of the popular woods used to build up these chairs.

There are different kinds of Queen Anne chairs but the most popular among them was Queen Anne wingback chair which had its sides folded inwardly in order to make the heat last longer. The cabriole legs rested on the padded feet. To give the chairs a more feminine look, the shoulders of the back were dropped.

This is basically what the Queen Anne chair is and how it can give a unique feel and touch to the area you decide to use it in.