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  • With the recent news of Hurricane Irma battering the Caribbean and some parts of America, and with the weather turning particularly gloomy across the UK, it’s no surprise that winter is well and truly on its way.
    11th September 2017
  • If you were told that someone was going to attempt a break in to your home tonight, what would you do to deter thieves from entering?
    7th November 2016
  • It’s official. The Olympics are officially over and no longer can we sit on our couches screaming bloody murder at the TV wanting Team GB to go for Gold.

    Whilst we might have the delights of the Great British Bake Off and X Factor back on our screens, ITV took the unprecedented step of switching of all of its seven channels for an hour this last weekend to encourage people to take part in sport following the success of the Great Britain team in the Rio Olympics.
    31st August 2016
  • How long has it been since you kicked back, relaxed and spent an evening simply enjoying your living room?
    9th July 2015
  • The sun is shining, the weather is warm and all over the country we’re dusting off our trusty barbecues to begin enjoying some weekends in the garden cooking up some delicious food.
    23rd May 2018
  • You’ve decided to make the big move. Whether you’re moving into your very first home, you’ve just purchased a home or you’re simply moving on to another area of the country or region, it’s no surprise that funds are always tight (unless you’re a celebrity, that is!).
    22nd May 2018
  • We’ve compiled a helpful list of easy ways to make money from your sofa – meaning you’ll have more to invest in the sofa of your dreams!
    15th May 2018
  • Now, you may have chosen your house or apartment, you may have had sign off from the landlord, filled in all the appropriate forms and even chosen your brand new furniture, including brand new luxury sofa. But, do you really know what you’re responsible for in a rented home?
    12th May 2018
  • Here at Designer Sofas4U, we get asked this question all the time and it’s actually one of the main deciding factors for people when they come in to choose their brand new sofa. Of course, price plays a huge part, too but a sofa that’s easy to clean and will look brand new months later is always a priority.
    11th May 2018
  • And now with so many staying in their rentals for the foreseeable future, tenants are looking at easy ways to decorate their rentals without spending so much money on a house that, ultimately, is not theirs.

    So, how can tenants look at decorating and renovating as a way to ensure their place of living looks and feels like home without breaking the bank?
    13th April 2018
  • Sure, we love sitting at home, relaxing on the sofa as much as the next person. But we also love a holiday! With summer fast approaching and only a matter of months until the school summer holidays, you’ll probably be thinking about planning your next trip.
    12th April 2018
  • Though Easter is now long gone and largely forgotten (except a few remnants of chocolate egg wrappers still hanging around), the school holidays last until the 13th April which may leave you wondering what to do with the kids and the family to stop them running havoc.
    6th April 2018
  • The trend for all things crushed velvet came to fruition in late 2016 and suddenly throughout 2017, we were seeing it crop up everywhere from beds to sofas. But is the trend really over and if not, how can you use the crushed velvet trend in your own home?
    5th April 2018
  • Sure, you might be totally in love with those on-trend crushed velvet Chesterfields but come to think of it, how are you going to get syrup and chocolate stains out when your little ones have greasy fingers?
    4th April 2018
  • There’s no better feeling, of course, than doing away with the old and introducing the new in time for summer which has left us at Designer Sofas 4 U HQ wondering – just what are the best sofas for the summer months?
    12th March 2018
  • Whether you’re single or taken, it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day are the words on everyone’s lips right now and there’s just no escaping it.

    Some have even taken to renaming the famous day, Galentine’s Day as a way to promote the day being spent with best friends – so, instead of sitting at home crying into a tub of ice-cream whilst watching romantic tragedies on repeat, what kind of activities are there to do on the big V-Day to ensure you’re getting the most out of it, whether you’re with someone or not?
    13th February 2018
  • Not even a weekend goes by without the sky being gloomy, grey and rainy. The UK has seen traffic chaos in recent days with the latest snowfall to have hit the North West – but that could only be the least of your worries.

    Did you know that your boiler is more likely to break down during the colder months?
    12th February 2018
  • The cornerstone and focal point of our homes; our sofas. Sometimes, we fall asleep on them, we lounge on them, spend time with our families on them and some of us may even eat on them! But when it comes to finding the perfect one, just how can we choose one that is perfect for us and our homes?
    7th February 2018
  • Every year, the experts at Pantone sift through research, trends, analysis and forecasts to determine their colour of the year. 2017 was the year of ‘Greenery’ and only a few weeks ago the colour experts announced that 2018’s shade of the year was ‘Ultra Violet’.
    25th January 2018
  • Research has shown that the era of the couch potato may finally be coming to an end. With more and more people across the UK switching to digital, the internet has now taken over our television sets as the most popular way to watch shows and films.
    24th January 2018
  • Experts say that sleeping on the sofa can cause a number of different health problems such as digestive and physical pains. So, what does sleeping on the couch really do to us?
    19th January 2018
  • Blackburn, England - When it comes to investing in dream furniture, most people’s preferred options are often out of financial reach.
    6th December 2017
  • Yes we will! This Black Friday we will be slashing our prices up to 50%. That’s right – we are giving you up to 50% off all of our products on the website! This offer will also apply on Cyber Monday.
    19th November 2017
  • So, when the kids do finally decide to stand on their own too feet and look at renting a place in order to fend for themselves, what exactly should they be looking at?
    21st October 2017
  • Thanks to the television, the classic, select and elegant British Chesterfield sofa is becoming fashionable. It is true that to acquire a real Chesterfield, you need a significant economic investment, but the lucky one will have it at home: upholstery technique, design history and a sofa for a lifetime.
    19th October 2017
  • The sofa Chester part of the base of British sobriety and elegance of leather in a piece of unique style. According to the history, it was the Earl of Chesterfield who commissioned a cabinet maker a sofa that had the backrest and armrests on the same level, allowing him to have a straight back and avoiding to adopt bad postures without giving up comfort
    19th October 2017
  • The Chester sofas are already a classic. This type of furniture is a favorite to decorate the offices around the world. It does not matter if it is a sober law firm or a set of modern offices of an innovative company: the Chesterfield sofa cannot miss.
    19th October 2017
  • The couch Chester is a classic of English decoration, it is said that the name of the sofa is due to the Earl of Chesterfield, who seems to be, was the first to send one to his cabinetmaker who was tough and sturdy enough for people he could sit upright in it without losing his composure. Little by little, the aristocratic classes took the sofa Chester as emblem for their salons, although the first to do them were the British clubs of high standing where only men were admitted, to become the English sofa par excellence, a design that never happens fashionable because it is still pondered by the youngest creators who see in it a design of great elegance.
    19th October 2017
  • When choosing a sofa you have to keep in mind that it should be comfortable and resistant, in addition, to going in line with the decor, style, shape, and size of the room.
    19th October 2017
  • These latest Chesterfield sofas are the most present in our days, sofas built with a wooden structure with foam padded interior and quality leather on the outside.
    15th October 2017
  • Today we have for all of you original ideas of modern Chester Velvet Sofa to be inspired. But in addition to these sofas, we will comment on the material from which the velvet is made.
    15th October 2017
  • A lot goes into every single scene of people’s favourite teatime soaps, and furniture is always a critical choice when it comes to creating the perfect backdrops. Local designer sofa providers, De­sig­ner­Sof­as4U, were approached recently by the set styling team of Eastenders to supply a sofa for legendary ‘Enders hard nut, Phil Mitchell.
    10th October 2017
  • Our small homes may be the banes of our lives but we love them all the same. Finding storage space, however, is a completely different kettle of fish. Finding even the slightest bit of space in a busy home filled with mums, dads and children can be quite a feat so we’ve compiled a list of clever storage ideas ideal for small homes.

    27th September 2017
  • We’ve rounded up some of our favourite tips to ensure you know exactly how to add value to your home.
    22nd September 2017
  • Chester is a symbol of decoration in itself, does not need presentation and has been able to adapt to the passage of time to perfection.
    20th September 2017
  • So back-to-school week is upon us and with many of our little nightmares finally giving us some peace and quiet, it’s time to get our homes resembling what they looked like before the summer holidays!
    12th September 2017
  • Thinking about transforming your living space? Don’t have the million-pound budget to achieve a complete revamp? Yeah, us neither!
    21st August 2017
  • It’s easy knowing what to pack for a summer break. Bikinis, shorts, vests, sun cream, after sun… But what do you pack if you’re going on a city break? And more importantly, what do you pack if you’re only taking hand luggage?!
    20th August 2017
  • Your home office doesn’t feel just quite ready to make the leap. So how do you transform a drab and weary home office into something designed to make the most of your creativity?
    17th August 2017
  • With the summer holidays in full swing, you may be pulling your hair out deciding what to do with them in order to keep them occupied and stop them from ruining your brand new sofa.
    15th August 2017
  • At the beginning of a new year, we all look to the bloggers and the interior décor magazines hoping to catch a glimpse of exactly what the up and coming trends will be for the year- hoping that our sofa purchase will be something that’s going to stay fashionable for years to come.
    7th August 2017
  • Yes we love them, but don’t they make such a mess?! And when you’ve just purchased your brand new prized possession – your couch – you live in fear that your little rascals will, sooner or later, get their hands on all over it and ruin it for good!
    4th August 2017
  • The summer may have been a wash-out so far, but your home interiors don’t have to be. We’ve been scouring the web for some of the season’s hottest home décor trends and, when done right, you can achieve any one of these looks on a budget.

    So, what key looks should be we going for this season?
    15th July 2017
  • The time must have come for you to decide on a new sofa. But which one? Leather? Fabric? Wool, even? Maybe it’s a Chesterfield that you want. Or maybe it’s a corner sofa.
    30th June 2017
  • Find out how can you update an old sofa without getting it replaced?
    28th June 2017
  • With summer now in full swing, it’s time to dust off the barbecues, get the emergency chairs out and get the whole family round for a good old-fashioned get together.
    27th June 2017
  • With Father’s Day now only days away, you might be forgiven for wondering when that managed to creep up so quickly. After all, it seems like it was only April last time we checked!
    16th June 2017
  • Though it may not seem like it, summer has supposedly arrived and that means it’s out with the old and in with the new. Whilst many of us are dusting off the cobwebs on our summer clothes, it may also be time to think about preparing your house for the summer months.

    But, what exactly do you need to do to ensure your home is summer ready?
    15th June 2017
  • There’s always a certain panic and anxiety when it comes to your friends, family members or colleagues telling you they’re moving into a new home. Sure, the housewarming party may be fun but when it comes to buying gifts what if you get it completely wrong?

    25th May 2017
  • The eternal dilemma of finding your perfect home, in a perfect location, at a perfect price. Only the bathroom is too small! Do you compromise? Or do you keep looking?
    24th May 2017
  • These simple tips should help you remove almost any stain from your fabric or upholstered sofa in no time meaning you can get on with your day!
    17th May 2017
  • In this brand new article, we discuss the pros of a divan bed vs. a sofa bed to ensure you can make up your mind on what to do with that pesky guest bedroom.
    16th May 2017
  • With just that hint of summer peeking through, it’s usually the time we start thinking about getting our bodies, homes and health into shape. Aside from the usual fitness routines and faddy diets though, how else can we ensure we’re getting that health kick we so desperately need?
    7th May 2017
  • With Summer well on the way and the sunshine gleaming through the windows (and hey, what better time to rejig the living room than in the sunshine?!) here are a few simple tips I’ve come across that may help you to create that chic living room look you’ve been desperate for.
    7th May 2017
  • Happy Easter! As the spring season is finally upon us once more, no doubt homes will be filled with Easter egg hunts, lavish meals and a sense of happiness as households around the country spoil their children with excessive amounts of chocolate over this bank holiday weekend.
    16th April 2017
  • We all know the stress and panic that comes over us when we’re having guests over. Whether it’s tidying up, organising the room or even scratching our heads wondering where they’re going to sleep, it can be difficult to know even where to begin.

    So, where exactly do you start when putting guests up at home?
    14th April 2017
  • With many of us dreaming of summer and that perfect summer getaway, it’s also a time where many of us are dreaming of that perfect summer body to go alongside. But it’s easier said than done!
    13th April 2017
  • Some may say that owning a sofa is a life-long commitment. It’s certainly not the type of thing you’d swap out year-on-year, anyway.
    12th April 2017
  • Since our inception, Designer Sofas 4 U have been committed and dedicated to providing an exceptional service coupled with stunningly made, hand crafted furniture – all at a reasonable cost.
    30th March 2017
  • It’s commonplace to check down the side of the sofa when you’re short on change or if you’ve lost your TV remote – but now may be the perfect time to have another sneaky peek as those lost coins may be worth more than you think.
    13th March 2017
  • With spring well and truly on its way (you’d never guess with the weather!), it’s time for us homeowners to dust off our marigolds, get out the dustpan and brush and transform our home into something Snow White would be proud of!
    28th February 2017
  • As the days become longer and brighter, some of us may be getting prepared for that all-important household deep clean. But where do we start?
    27th February 2017
  • For many of us, we’re always on a budget. Whether that’s food shopping, out for a meal, a night out… whatever. We set a limit and we try to stick to it. So why shouldn’t the same be said for our homes?
    23rd February 2017
  • Love is in the air, cupid is ready to strike his bow and arrow and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
    10th February 2017
  • Here at Designer Sofas 4 U, we pride ourselves on making the highest quality furniture and finding the best possible deal for our customers which is why we’re delighted to announce our brand new finance offers.
    2nd February 2017
  • It’s been a long old month and your vices may be getting the better of you – whether that’s a cheat here and there on your latest diet, not going to the gym as often as you’d like, or perhaps temptation is getting the better of you during Dry January!
    27th January 2017
  • Here at Designer Sofas 4 U, we’re proud to count famous names as our customers and now we’re delighted to say, we’ve got another to add to the list.

    Following our success at Legoland at Christmas and the likes of Eastenders last year, we can now count the Coronation Street set as one of our very own too!
    16th January 2017
  • New year, new you? But what about new year, new home? With many of us making resolutions to see through 2017 – whether it’s healthy living, going to the gym, booking a dream holiday or even spending more time with friends and family – it’s easy to overlook our homes for our plans.
    12th January 2017
  • With all the excitement of Christmas and New Year over, it’s safe to say we’ve all hit a bit of slump. The expenses are racking up, we’ve adopted a few unhealthy eating habits, the back to work depression… it can all get a little much.
    10th January 2017
  • With businesses around the UK set to close their doors for Christmas and New Year, we’ve decided to put together a small thank you for all of our customers new and old to let you know how grateful we are for your support and much valued custom over the last year.
    21st December 2016
  • Christmas is all but around the corner and though you may have your Christmas presents (kind of!) sorted, the Christmas décor may be another issue entirely.
    16th December 2016
  • Christmas is a time of giving and families and closeness and being grateful. And that’s great – but sometimes it can also be a time of extreme stress as you fumble around the shops trying to decide what your long-lost relative would like – without really knowing them at all!
    15th December 2016
  • Designer Sofas 4U are giving you the chance to WIN this FREE Wing Chair Fireside High Back Armchair Floral Wine with FREE delivery worth over £500!
    1st December 2016
  • They say Christmas is all about families coming together and spending time with the ones you love the most. And sometimes, this means travelling to stay with family or relatives who you may not have seen for a while.
    30th November 2016
  • With Christmas just around the corner, we’ll soon be getting our Christmas tinsel, baubles and other festive ornaments out to transform our home into a winter wonderland.
    29th November 2016
  • Do you want a massive 70% off a new sofa? Then read on to find out how!
    24th November 2016
  • LEGOLAND, Windsor has recreated Santa’s winter grotto yet again this year, with the help of some furniture from Designer Sofas For You.
    23rd November 2016
  • Black Friday is an American tradition which used to see stores open early once a year to reveal colossal deals as well as time limited offers throughout the day. This popular trend has spread in­ter­nati­onal­ly, and has taken the online market by storm.
    22nd November 2016
  • Did you know that your central heating is more likely to fail in winter? In fact, most emergencies that occur in and around the home, happen during the cold, winter months.
    11th November 2016
  • Halloween. Done. Bonfire Night. Boxed off. Now is the time to really enjoy winter! The days are getting shorter and it’s just got much, much colder. Now that the nights are drawing in, we’re about to spend a lot more time at home and, of course, we’d all love for it to feel snug and cosy.
    10th November 2016
  • The living room is the hub of your home and your sofa is at the very heart of it. It’ll host some very important family conversations, make ups and break ups, birthdays, Christmases and TV dinners. Don’t settle for anything less that the perfect sofa that your, your family and home deserve.
    9th November 2016
  • Did you know? If you order a brand new sofa from us now, you’ll get in just in time for Christmas?
    1st November 2016
  • Remember remember the 5th November! We’ve already done a safety guide on how to keep pets safe this Bonfire Night but do you know what to look out for when it comes to your friends and family, particularly if you’re having fireworks or a bonfire at home?
    31st October 2016
  • Whilst Bonfire Night is usually the time of year full of laughter and excitement for families and children, it also spells serious danger for our animals.

    Many local councils and bonfire events take numerous precautions when it comes to fire safety; with specialists on-hand if the worst happens. But who’s looking out for our pets?
    30th October 2016
  • That one night where all the ghouls and grizzly’s come out to play – Halloween. The smell of autumn in the air, the dark nights, the scary costumes and of course the pumpkins adorning the window ledges of homes up and down the UK, Halloween is also one night that you can transform your home into something weird and wonderful.
    28th October 2016
  • You wake up one morning and that unbelievably annoying tickle at the back of your throat has turned into a full blown coughing fit; it’s cut you down in the prime of life. A common cold, you think?
    30th September 2016
  • Ever had those days when you trudge home from work, with a mountain of things to do, collapse on the settee and don’t move for the rest of the night?
    30th September 2016
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say but when it comes to interiors trends, this may not necessarily be the case. Of course, having individual style is to be admired but for those who aren’t as creative trends exist to help us along in our home interior styling without the need to call in the decorators!
    27th September 2016
  • We all remember the TV show, Cribs, right? And we all remember how jealous we were of the lavish homes, the opulent furnishings and the grand settings of all of our favourite celebrities homes. But just how can we achieve this at home?
    23rd September 2016
  • With the late UK heatwave long behind us (it was a good three days!) and a gentle chill in the air, it appears that autumn is now well and truly upon us.
    15th September 2016
  • Congrats! You’re off to university. There are plenty of fun times ahead… the people, the nights out and of course, the degree at the end of it. But being away from home, friends and family can sometimes leave you feeling a little homesick. So what can you do?
    5th September 2016
  • It’s been an enjoyable (and long!) summer for many parents up and down the UK. The sun has been shining, there’s been exciting days out and comfortable nights in, but overall we’ve managed to see the looks on our children’s faces when they are having a blast – wherever and whatever they may be doing.
    31st August 2016
  • What do you do with your old sofa when you’re getting a new one? Throw it? Take it to the skip? But have you ever considered recycling your settee?
    30th August 2016
  • Most of us encounter a rough night’s sleep every now and again. It can be annoying, frustrating and downright upsetting to have to endure a sleepless night but what can we do about it?
    26th August 2016
  • You’d be forgiven for thinking it was autumn with the torrential downpours the UK has seen recently, but there may be some sunlight upon the horizon as Great Britain is about to see a late summer heat wave.
    22nd August 2016
  • So you’ve just picked out your brand new brown sofa. It could be leather. It could be a Chesterfield. It could have been bought from us. It looks antique, it looks regal, it looks great. But how do you decorate around a brown sofa?
    17th July 2016

  • Our living rooms are undoubtedly the busiest rooms of our households. Family and friends come together to sit, talk, laugh, relax and spend time together so your couch inevitably has to deal with a lot of bums, food and spills whilst the floor can be subject to some serious grime.

    So just how clean is your living room?
    16th July 2016
  • Feng shui is a Chinese system of positioning and harmonising everything within your environment. It’s an ancient art, developed over 3,000 years ago and is used in today’s society to balance the energy of a room.

    So how can this early science work for you?
    14th July 2016
  • Here at Designer Sofas 4U we understand the importance of having a space at home where you feel safe, secure and serene. But with the stresses of everyday life sometimes getting in our way; taking work home with us, children and animals running riot through the hallways or even having to deal with a mountain of washing up as soon as we step foot through the door it’s easy to forget to relax and take a time out.
    10th July 2016
  • Choosing a sofa can be a really hard task. Never mind the whole feat of measuring it, sitting on it to decide if it’s comfy enough or even trying to figure out how you’ll get it home, then the question comes to style; what if it doesn’t match with my home? What if it doesn’t look right? What if it feels odd?
    7th July 2016
  • You may have heard the term floating about previously and they’re certainly cropping up more regularly around the interior design corners of the internet but what exactly are occasional chairs?
    30th June 2016
  • It’s finally here! Summer is finally here. We can enjoy days in the garden, barbecuing with friends and family and of course days out in the summer sun. Well, as long as the trusty British weather holds out!
    18th June 2016
  • A new study by has found that a large proportion of Brits are suffering from sofa syndrome.
    10th June 2016
  • For those of us with children, it’s difficult to remember a time when they weren’t around. Tidiness? Clean furniture? What even is that!? Nowadays it’s all toys, food and washing up every, what seems like, ten minutes.
    3rd June 2016
  • Whether you rent or own, whether you live alone, with family or with friends there is no doubt about it that our homes are our own personal space, our refuge from the world.

    The time that we spend in our homes, therefore, is hugely important and it’s equally as important to make it a space we feel safe in and proud of. From furnishings to décor, make your house a home with these simple tips.
    27th May 2016
  • The summer sun isn’t far away and soon enough we’ll be dreaming of sandy beaches, crashing waves and cocktails on the beach. But for those of us that aren’t going away this year, here are some quick and easy touches to brighten up your home with some seaside décor.
    10th May 2016
  • Shabby chic. French country cottage. Country retreat. Nautical. There’s so many different styles and variations of tasted out there it can be hard to grasp which one we want to see in our own homes.
    4th May 2016
  • Many of us would love to modernise our homes and sofas are a perfect way to do that in an instant. Buying new furniture can be cheaper than redecorating and can instantly provide a look which is sleek and sophisticated without having to do that much at all!
    1st May 2016
  • Your dreams have finally come true. You’ve purchased the sofa of your dreams – a luxurious, velvet Chesterfield sofa and you’re absolutely ecstatic.
    28th April 2016
  • Each year, Pantone, the global authority on colour releases a colour of the year however 2016 was very different. They actually released two colours they found to be the best of the year in interior design, both Rose Quartz and Serenity.
    28th April 2016
  • Imported from Turkey during the 1700s, ottomans have become firm favourites in many homes across the globe. An upholstered seat commonly used as a footstool or coffee table, ottomans are a handy piece of furniture designed with function and practicality in mind.
    21st April 2016
  • So you’ve purchased a brand new bespoke Chesterfield sofa. It looks gorgeous, creates a spectacular impact in your living room and it’s the talk of all your friends when they visit.
    12th April 2016
  • Originating from the Outer Hebrides, Harris Tweed is a hand-woven cloth made from pure wool popular in a range of industries from fashion to interior décor.
    8th April 2016
  • Designer Sofas 4 U is proud to announce that they have been shortlisted as finalists in the E3 Business Awards 2016 taking place at the Macron Stadium in Bolton, on June 3rd.
    6th April 2016
  • Let’s face it – there’s no better feeling than a night curled up on the sofa with a good film, some good food wearing comfy pyjamas and snuggling under a fluffy throw!
    4th April 2016
  • If you’re planning on buying a new settee for your living room, it may not have crossed your mind to consider a sofa bed. Generally thought of as a cheaper, less comfortable option than a ‘real’ settee and not as durable or long-lasting as a real bed the sofa bed has come back in recent years and it’s come back with a bang!
    1st April 2016
  • Known for it’s high back and winged side pieces, it’s a dramatic and refined item that has been making a huge comeback in recent years.
    31st March 2016
  • As we all know, decorating a home or redecorating can be super expensive so it’s a task many of shy away from. Plus, with the added time and effort that goes into painting, stripping, cleaning everything away it’s something many of us put to the back of our minds.
    31st March 2016
  • Alina Ghost is a blogger at The Fairytale Pretty Picture interiors and lifestyle blog. Read on to find 5 ideas for rustic interior styling with a leather sofa. Follow her steps to create your own blissful, country home.
    28th March 2016
  • Here at Designer Sofas 4 U, we’re proud to have 20 solid years of experience under our belts and since our inception as an online retailer in 2007 we’ve built up an excellent reputation for quality products and excellent customer service.
    15th March 2016
  • Whether you’ve had a sofa delivered or swatch samples we’d love for you to post a positive review to enter our prize draw with a chance to win Chesterfield Chairs.
    15th March 2016
  • You may not be able to paint the walls or create a feature wall with that funky wallpaper you’ve had your eye on forever but you can personalise your furniture (note: it has to be your furniture!).
    27th February 2016
  • Buying a new sofa can be quite a daunting task. After all, there are so many options to choose from. Realistically, do you know the difference between a camelback and a cabriole?!
    25th February 2016
  • It’s been dubbed rabbit-hutch Britain and research has found that homes in the UK are, on average, smaller than anywhere else in Europe.
    17th February 2016
  • It’s a term that is used to describe many items; jewellery, shoes; software and even medicine. But what is bespoke furniture and why should you choose it?
    15th February 2016
  • Christmas is long gone, New Year is all but a distant memory and now with spring around the corner, it’s a time many of us are thinking about reviving and rejuvenating our homes.
    2nd February 2016
  • Got a little nook or awkward space in your home that needs filling? Or does your living space need a little something to complete the look? Armchairs have always been a fantastic way to add character and style to your home.
    26th January 2016
  • More and more British industries are closing down or moving their operations overseas to save on labour so you’d be forgiven for thinking British manufacturing is all but dead. In reality it’s far from it.
    13th January 2016
  • It’s a new year, so why not treat your living space to a makeover? Whether it’s just one or two rooms or a complete overhaul, make sure you’re clued up on the upcoming trends for 2016.
    5th January 2016
  • Chesterfield Sofas and furniture in Ireland and Northern Ireland Shipping Info and estimate delivery time.
    1st January 2016
  • Our Christmas & New Year Opening Times
    15th December 2015
  • Inspired by the Vikings and the old ages, faux-fur has been a constant Autumn and Winter trend of the years. Used for fashion or functionality, a fur piece can transform a room instantly.
    28th November 2015
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday is only around the corner, so prepare yourself this Black Friday & Cyber Monday with our smashing deal.
    21st November 2015
  • Christmas colours have propelled past the traditional reds, greens and golds.
    Whilst this popular classic palette dominates the majority of households, the idea of going beyond the norm with what was were once unthinkable style schemes is ever increasing.
    Introducing a monochrome Christmas.
    20th November 2015
  • Don’t leave your sofa lonely and enter our amazing competition:
    We are giving you the chance to WIN a FREE Chesterfield footstool with FREE delivery!
    17th November 2015
  • Buying a new piece of furniture or presents can be stressful; even more so when you are buying for Christmas.

    December is only around the corner, so prepare yourself this Christmas with our delivery deadline.
    15th November 2015
  • Designer Sofas 4 U has attained accredited member status with the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM).
    21st October 2015
  • A common colour which has stepped onto the interior design scene in the past few years, associating grey with the words mundane and monotonic is now a thing of the past. Grey has the ability to be utilised in various settings to compliment various other colours and furniture in your home.
    13th October 2015
  • Colour popping can be one of a few different vibrant or edgy colours standing out from the basic palette of tones that already exist in a room. This funky trend blew up the interior design scene back in 2013, where the most unimaginable shades were paired together and the colour clashes were phenomenal. Colour popping is extremely easy to do; you just need to have an idea of what theme of colours you want to match together and how much colour you want to pop.
    7th October 2015
  • This stunning season is surrounded in an abundance of colours from the ground to the sky, which provides the much needed transition from a sizzling Summer to a bittersweet Winter. It is no wonder that you want to bring Autumn into your home.
    2nd October 2015
  • You have purchased the most stunning velvet sofa, chair or other piece of furniture which complements your room exquisitely. However, you were thinking style over substance.

    As pretty as velvet may appear to be, it can be far from practical. As vulnerable as velvet may be when it comes to maintaining this fabric, here are some tips to look after your silky smooth furnishings.
    1st October 2015
  • Imagine owning a beautifully handcrafted Chesterfield Chair; exquisite British craftsmanship and traditional, sturdy materials mixed with the contemporary flair of modern interior design sat waiting for you in your living room after a particularly long day at the office.
    18th September 2015
  • “What sort of tub chair do you need?” Quite naturally this may be the first question that may arise once you have made your mind for buying a tub chair.
    4th August 2015
  • Getting your first fabric sofa can be confusing, especially if you have not made a similar purchase in the past. Fabric sofas are great and they do look great. They are not very expensive, unless you are going for some premium designer fabric sofa. The first thing you should be considering is to choose the right fabric for your sofa.
    23rd July 2015
  • Chesterfield furniture looks great and classy. The traditional sofas provide your lounge or businesses with a trendy and a lavishing look. There are a lot of variations and a lot to consider while you are going to buy a chesterfield sofa. Those gem coloured chesterfield sofas look great but are they comfortable? What should be the size of your chesterfield sofa? Here is a brief guide on getting your new sofa:
    15th July 2015
  • You’ve likely seen plenty of high back wing chair’s on our website, and with very good reason. It’s a staple of the DesignerSofas4U catalogue and a long standing favourite in Britain’s world famous seating heritage – so where did the high back wing chair come from?
    25th June 2015
  • Buying a corner sofa requires a bit more thought than buying a regular sofa, so here’s what you should be considering.
    12th June 2015
  • It’s not easy being a leather sofa. After spending hours every day supporting everyone in the family, often more than one at a time, it can get more and more difficult to start the day looking your best. And yet they’re still expected to come out swinging every day of the year, with no lunch breaks, weekends off or 21-day holiday allowances.
    9th June 2015
  • Living rooms these days tend to be identical – not in their looks but in their layout. Don’t you think it’s time we broke the mold? Here are some tips to help you steer away from the norm when it comes to decorating your living space.
    18th May 2015
  • DesignerSofas4U are giving you the chance to WIN this FREE 1930’s Chesterfield Sofa with FREE delivery!
    14th May 2015
  • If you think you need a bold sofa in your living room to make a grand statement about your interior style, think again.
    5th May 2015
  • To the untrained eye, a faux leather sofa can look almost real. It’s a shame that the luxurious quality and style of an authentic leather sofa can be replicated using sub-standard materials and sold as the real deal, but that’s the world we live in.
    4th May 2015
  • We’ve been in sofa manufacture so long that it’s safe to say we know out stuff. With that in mind, we don’t think it’s in any way over the top to state that the British Chesterfield sofa is the most famous design in the world.
    1st May 2015
  • The designer sofa you get from DesignerSofas4U will undoubtedly look beautiful, but if you want to throw another level of personalisation into your design scheme by enhancing this furniture, there are plenty of options available. Freshening up and dressing a sofa is a simple and easy way to change a living space; you can make your home feel even more individual cheaply and with very little effort.
    24th April 2015
  • Nowadays, sofa buyers frequently ask far more than just "will this sofa look nice in my living room?" More and more people want to minimise their environmental impact and carbon footprint, and although a sofa is not necessarily the most fuel-intensive consumer item, there's still plenty of variation in the green credentials of designer sofas.
    21st April 2015
  • What would you like to buy for your home? You might think that Brits would like a new television set, or maybe new white goods or a total household makeover, but believe it or not, the most commonly-coveted prospective future purchase among our fellow countrymen is the sofa.
    17th April 2015
  • We know you'll be delighted by the service you will get from DesignerSofas4U - you can rest assured that we'll pull out all the stops to get you your dream leather sofa at your dream price.
    8th April 2015
  • Would you like the leather recliners they had on Friends? Or what about Fraiser's living room set - perhaps without Martin's chair? It's no surprise that Brits get their style inspiration from their television shows, but did you know that 31% of homeowners confess to spending an average of £3,836 to making their homes look like something they have seen on the TV?
    3rd April 2015
  • DesignerSofas4U are the UK’s largest manufacturer of classic British Chesterfield furniture, and we didn’t get to where we are by being modest about it. Our Chesterfields are used all over the country for commercial purposes, as well as being re-sold in furniture stores as ready made pieces. Here’s why DesignerSofas4U are the only supplier you need for your wholesale, trade or commercial needs.
    25th March 2015
  • DesignerSofas4U are the UK’s largest manufacturer of classic British Chesterfield sofas, but they’re not exclusive to the UK. Each and every one of our furniture pieces is available for international delivery, no matter where you are.
    23rd March 2015
  • You’re a student. You’re moving away to study at university. You have a limited space available in your bedroom. Solution? Buy a space saving sofa bed.
    20th March 2015
  • The USA is full of houses that are big enough to accommodate rooms devoted exclusively to watching TV - man caves, cinema rooms etcetera, but in the UK we’re often not graced with that luxury. There’s a lot less space on offer, and as a result our rooms often perform double, triple or even quadruple duties that mean they need to be arranged in the optimal position for everything life will throw at them. So how’s it done? Let DesignerSofas4U help.
    13th March 2015
  • So you’ve decided to buy a Chesterfield sofa – great decision. But now you’re struggling to choose the right one for you, which is probably why you ended up here, but you can relax a little now - DesignerSofas4U are the UK’s largest manufacturer of classic British Chesterfield furniture, so we know a thing or two about them, and we’re here to help you out.
    13th March 2015
  • DesignerSofas4U are the UK’s largest manufacturer of classic British Chesterfield furniture, and we didn’t get to where we are by being modest about it. Our Chesterfields are used all over the country for commercial purposes, as well as being re-sold in furniture stores as ready made pieces. So it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about sofa manufacture, and we know what to look for when you’re buying one.
    11th March 2015
  • There has been a surge in sales of leather and fabric sofas being shipped to Ireland recently, and it’s easy to see why; our furniture is of the highest quality, made using traditional methods of craftsmanship and only the finest hardwoods and upholstery.
    9th March 2015
  • Our specialist furniture manufacturers we’re asked to put their skills to the test when we were approached to design and produce a sofa made out of grass for an eco-friendly event.
    25th February 2015
  • One of the beautifully manufactured and upholstered fabric Chesterfield sofas produced by DesignerSofas4U has appeared on the hit TV soap Eastenders alongside Phil Mitchell.
    24th February 2015
  • DesignerSofas4U are proud to announce that we have been nominated and selected as a finalist for the E3 International Business of the Year award.
    23rd February 2015
  • Buying a new leather sofa is an investment that should be carefully considered; after-all, a beautiful leather sofa doesn’t come cheap. As with all things in life, you get what you pay for – so deciding to pay less for what you think is a bargain might not be the best option. Here are some tips to make sure you understand what is the best leather sofa for you.
    18th February 2015
  • Decisions, decisions. Investing your money in a new piece of furniture can be a difficult decision even at the best of times, so we’re here to help. Furniture can be very expensive, so it’s always best to weight up your options before committing to a buy.
    18th February 2015
  • Tartan is worming its way back into the soft furnishing world, and it’s easy to see why. Fashion is a never-ending revolution of the retro becoming mainstream again, and it was only a matter of time before the tartan Chesterfield was popular again.
    18th February 2015
  • Modern manufacturing processes can mass-produce quality sofas efficiently and effectively, but that doesn’t mean traditionally designed and manufactured sofas should be overlooked. If you’re shopping for a new sofa suite then you should include traditional sofas on your list of considerations, and here’s why.
    9th February 2015
  • Eventually furniture will reach the end of its life; whether by brute force or just the gradual passing of time, sofas will need to be replaced – with no exceptions. But just because your furniture is damaged or worn out, you can still save it from its fate.
    5th February 2015
  • An extra-large leather sofa from DesignerSofas4U will add quality and character to your home that will stand the test of time, and here’s why.
    3rd February 2015
  • DesignerSofas4U are the UKs leading manufacturer of Chesterfield furniture, but we make hundreds of other sofas, chairs, footrests and other pieces so we have all the experience necessary to help our customers make the right decision regarding their sofa choice.
    22nd January 2015
  • Fabric sofas are as unique and versatile as the customers looking to buy one, and there’s certainly no ‘one size fits all’ option. Buying a new fabric sofa is a lot different form buying a new cushion or piece of wall art; it needs to suit the needs of you and your family without costing a fortune, and the DesignerSofas4U team can help.
    12th January 2015
  • Leather is understandably a desirable upholstery material to choose when looking to buy a new sofa. It’s soft, supple and its aroma is intoxicatingly beautiful. However, before buying a new leather sofa you need to know exactly what you’re paying for. Here are some tips to choose the right sofa for your needs.
    8th January 2015
  • Chesterfield sofas are reminiscent of decades past, and age of luxury and sophistication that has been slowly phased out with more modern, angular designs and synthetic materials that are cheaper to produce.
    6th January 2015
  • If your settee has reached the end of its life you’ll obviously be in turmoil over replacing it, but bear our four helpful considerations in mind and it’ll make the whole process a little easier!
    16th December 2014
  • We’ve all done it – watched as what was once the vessel for your morning coffee is transformed into something looking more like the aftermath of a home invasion.

    It’s worse when it’s your favourite mug too. Everybody has a favourite, and you’re lying if you say you don’t.
    11th December 2014
  • Security has always been a big concern when shoppers hit the World Wide Web instead of heading to a bricks-and-mortar store for their wares, but no longer for Designer Sofas 4U customers.
    27th November 2014
  • It’s official – there’s no escaping it now; Christmas is upon us, whether you’re a willing participant or not. But don’t despair; we have some handy tips to help you marry your living space with your Christmas decorations that shouldn’t harm your bank balance too much!
    25th November 2014
  • It may only be October but already people from all over the world are planning and ordering the final touches to their homes in time for Christmas. As the nights grow cold we start to spend more time indoors with our friends and family, and beautiful cosy surroundings make this time of year all the more fabulous.
    7th November 2014
  • Our last update [link to: https://­www.­de­sig­ner­sof­as4u.­co.­uk/­news/­2014/­august/­is-human-flesh-furniture-a-cut-above.­html] introduced you to the wonderful world of unique furniture. DesignerSofas4U would like to present you with another designer creating striking pieces that push the boundaries of preconceived ideas of furniture form and function.
    17th October 2014
  • Furniture is used to inject personality into a space, whether it’s the striking oxblood Chesterfield wing chair lurking in a dimly lit corner or the eye-catching multicoloured patchwork settee taking up half the living room. Furniture speaks volumes about its owner; tattered, worn out fabrics full of coffee stains don’t exactly paint a remarkable picture so maintaining its quality is a must.
    3rd September 2014
  • Every industry has its innovators pushing boundaries past limits the rest of us didn’t know existed – think of the Wright Brothers pioneering flight or Marie Curie’s research into radioactivity. Whilst posing a significantly reduced risk of personal injury, UK designer Gigi Barker has created furniture that could be considered quite a considerable culture shock.
    17th August 2014
  • We supply Chesterfield Sofa Bed Chesterfield Furniture anywhere in Germany, Deutschland. Wir liefern Chesterfield Sofa, Chesterfield-Möbel, Hocker, Stühle Chesterfield, Chesterfield Sofabetten & Wing Chairs zu folgenden Städten:
    31st May 2011
  • Bulk Buyer? Need a discount on a Large Order? Click Here for more Information
    28th January 2011
  • Chesterfield Leather Sofa or Fabric / Velvet all over the UK. Including the Following Areas within London
    3rd January 2011
  • Furniture Sale | Sofa Sale | Christmas Sale. For this period save upto 50% off RRP on Selected Items.
    27th December 2010
  • We supply Leather Sofas and Fabric Sofas anywhere in the UK, from major cities to rural villages. London, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Kilmarnock, Preston, Bolton, Leeds, Hull, Nottingham, Leicester, Luton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Southampton, Sheffield
    26th October 2010
  • We supply Chesterfield Sofa Bed Chesterfield Furniture anywhere in the UK, from major cities to rural villages. London, Glasgow, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Kilmarnock, Preston, Bolton, Leeds, Hull, Nottingham, Leicester, Luton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Southampton, Sheffield
    26th October 2010
  • We welcome applicants from worldwide, and offer this opportunity to anyone with email, fax and telephone facilities. Whether you work from home or an office you are welcome to become an agent.
    5th April 2010
  • Standing at the supermarket checkout, everyone always has a quick peep to see what is in the shopping basket of the people ahead of you. Well here you can take a look at the items that have been most popular with our online customers during October 2008
    12th November 2008
  • Chesterfield Sofa Sale - Chesterfield Sofa prices slashed further by 10% in the Summer SALE.
    3rd August 2008
  • A sofa should be somewhere to relax, but for some people who bought new leather sofas in the last 18 months they’ve been a major source of irritation
    15th May 2008
  • There is nothing better than being able to show off a fine piece of furniture to family and friends like Chesterfield Furniture. Guests will have the luxury of sitting on pure, soft and a comfortable leather sofa.
    12th May 2008
  • New 2008 Summer Design Ideas, Discounts, Inspirations and lots of new affordable furniture products for your home.
    12th May 2008
  • Designer Sofas are proud to present the same lines of furniture currently available from Designer Furniture Outlets such as House of Fraser and Marks & Spencers BUT AT THE FRACTION OF THE COST
    23rd April 2008
  • The prices shown on our website include free home delivery anywhere within mainland Britain. . Large items are transported directly to your home in specially equipped furniture vans and are carried in by trained furniture delivery staff.
    12th April 2008
  • A small selection of Designer Sofas4u furniture will be featured on ITV1's 60 Minute Makeover programme. The 60 Minute Makeover challenges top interior designers to update and upgrade the decor of a whole house in just one hour
    9th April 2008
  • Customers in America, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Saudi Arabia - international purchases (import Chesterfield Sofa from UK). Access our fantastic selection of items from the comfort of your own home whereever you are!
    Items come with 12 month extendable warranty as standard, in case customer not satisfied with purchase.
    High demand from customers abroad for our excellent range of Quality British Handcrafted Traditional Chesterfield Sofa / Settee. PRICE PROMISE applies; we'll refund the difference if you find a cheaper supplier within UK
    25th March 2008
  • If there is any silver lining in all this, it will be the reintroduction of some locally manufactured furniture and home products, most of which boast superior quality. Inflated prices for imported goods from China will mean better competition from local manufacturers
    19th March 2008
  • Ideas, discounts, inspirations and lots of new affordable products for your home.
    9th March 2008
  • Standing at the supermarket checkout, everyone always has a quick peep to see what is in the shopping basket of the people ahead of you. Well here you can take a look at the items that have been most popular with our online customers during February 2008.
    3rd March 2008
  • Bedroom Furniture, Bunk Beds, Wardrobes, Bed Side Cabinets coming soon to Designer Sofas 4u Ltd
    27th February 2008
  • Latest Chesterfiled Sofa News
    20th February 2008
  • Designer Sofas4u ECO Initiatives to help our Environment
    15th February 2008
  • Bar stools are becoming more and more popular for the home. They look trendy item in kitchens, lounges and backyards nowadays but they go back quite a way in history.
    13th February 2008
  • Furniture Sourcing Opportunity Direct from UK Based Manufacturers
    12th February 2008
  • Designer Sofas 4u are in talks with specialist labrotaries who have taken massage chairs to the next level
    7th February 2008
  • Standing at the supermarket checkout, everyone always has a quick peep to see what is in the shopping basket of the people ahead of you. Well here you can take a look at the items that have been most popular with our online customers during January 2008.
    6th February 2008
  • As Designer Sofas 4u gets more and more popular with online customers the amount of exposure we are receiving through our satisfied customers bloging, posting and sharing their experiences with other online communities has had an unprecedented response
    29th January 2008
  • Marks and Spencer & House of Fraser are just two of the many High Street furniture retailers that stock the same High Quality Furniture Designer Sofas 4u supply. The only differences being you’re paying a fraction of the cost & delivery times slashed by a whole 14 days (2 Weeks).
    28th January 2008
  • Our ethical sourcing strategy revolves around a “code of practice” setting out the minimum labour standards that we expect our suppliers to comply with
    23rd January 2008
  • Designer Sofas 4u will be at UK's largest furniture show of 2008
    18th January 2008
  • A stricken cargo ship has sunk in rough weather a day after its crew was rescued during an earlier storm.
    16th January 2008
  • To avoid this unpleasant condition it is very important to choose the correct furniture that suits your body. We are all individuals with different body shapes & sizes therefore DS4U cannot stress the importance of taking a little time out to read this article.
    21st December 2007
  • The charity event hosted by Designer Sofas4u Ltd has raised £221 for Children in Need 2007...
    21st December 2007