3 reasons why you should import a Chesterfield sofa from the UK

DesignerSofas4U are the UKs leading manufacturer of Chesterfield furniture, but we make hundreds of other sofas, chairs, footrests and other pieces so we have all the experience necessary to help our customers make the right decision regarding their sofa choice.

Importing a sofa from the UK may seem like a strange idea when there will be thousands of choices available to you more locally, but we’ve put together a compelling list that should help you decide.

  1. Buy from the experts in what you’re looking for.

DesignerSofas4U have years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of Chesterfield sofas. We’ve grown from a local to an international business, supplying Chesterfield sofas to not only homeowners, but also businesses looking to resell our products and even TV programs that love what we do. Our sofas are on display in banks, nightclubs and even on TV shows like Eastenders!

We distribute our Chesterfield sofas throughout not only the United Kingdom but to the rest of the world too, including USA, China and the whole of Europe. We have plenty of export experience when it comes to distributing our Chesterfield sofas, so if Chesterfield export is what you’re looking for then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

  1. Buy from the best, not the easiest.

Each DesignerSofas4U Chesterfield sofa is manufactured using traditional materials, tools and methods. Our Chesterfields are authentic in every way and produced to the very highest standards possible. They’re beautiful pieces of British legacy available for anyone in the world to own, so why would you buy a Chesterfield sofa locally just because it’s the easier option?

The comparative quality of our sofas compared to those you’ll find in other countries will be staggering; you’ll simply be blown away with the amount of quality, detail and craftsmanship that we pour into every single piece we produce. We source our leathers from around the world, and only the highest grades of hardwoods are used in the manufacture of our Chesterfield frames.

  1. We keep our prices as low as possible, so exporting a Chesterfield sofa will be cheaper than you think.

Depending on the shipping costs to your local area, buying a Chesterfield sofa from the UK’s leading manufacturers could be just as cheap as buying a sofa locally. We’re a manufacturer and distributor, so we need to keep our prices as low as possible to allow our resellers to make a profit on the items they sell. Because of this, the sofas listed on our site are as low as they can possibly be; meaning you’ll struggle to find a Chesterfield sofa cheaper than ours.

We don’t have separate prices for those who simply wish to buy a Chesterfield sofa for their home either – we believe in selling our products at one price for everybody, so the price you see on our site is the price you’ll pay.

Speak to our experts today if you have any questions about importing Chesterfield furniture

We’re the UK’s largest manufacturer of Chesterfield furniture, so when we say we know what we’re talking about we mean it. If you have questions you’d like answering about the manufacture and export of our Chesterfield sofas then don’t hesitate to contact a member of our customer service department. You can email, call 01254268 590 or fill out our contact us form today.

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