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Chesterfield 3 Seater Black Leather Sofa Offer

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The Chesterfield Classic Sofa. The Chesterfield Leather Sofa with it's unique  Low Back Style, Deep Buttoned Arms and Back complemented with a Buttoned Front Border. The Scroll Fronted arms on the Chesterfield Leather Sofa are attractively embellished with lines of individual stud nails. An undoubted winner in any room from the cottage to the boardroom. A classic of its kind ;Traditional Vintage British Style.


Please click here for an insight into the history of our Chesterfield Settees



Cleans, Feeds, Protects & re-instates the smell back into old and new leather items!

250ml Leather Ultra Clean
250ml Leather Protection Cream
Sponge & Cloth

Leather Ultra Clean
Is a safe to use and gentle leather cleaner capable of removing even the toughest of stains from leather. Cleaning with a sponge to create a foaming action it will get into the grain and lift out dirt easily.

Leather Protection Cream
After cleaning the leather it is necessary to condition it. This product not only feeds and conditions leather but adds a protective layer that repels stains and prevents wear and tear. Infused with a luxurious leather aroma this product also re-instates the smell back into old & new leather

Key Advantages

  • Cleans - Safely cleans all leather back to a 'new' condition. Not only that but after applying the protection cream, all future dirt will be held on the barrier it creates and will wipe off easily. It helps stop leathers absorbing dirt!
    • Conditions - Feeds the leather with natural oils and waxes preventing it from drying out and cracking.
    • Repels Stains - Added barrier protection technology in the cream allows the leather to repel oil and water based stains, retaining them on the surface so the leather can easily be wiped clean.
    • Protects - Not only from stains, the protection cream adds an invisible barrier to the leather that protects the leather from the elements. When you sit on leather you cause friction, continuous friction will wear away the leathers coating causing your leather to become rough and faded. The colour may even start to peel and wear off! The protection cream absorbs all friction and so helps prevent the above problems.
    • Smells - This product will temporarily infuse the smell back into all items of leather
    • NEW: Reduces Fading - With added UV inhibitors the protection cream now also helps prevent the sun from fading the leather when it is in direct contact.




Some Assembly may be Required

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