Chesterfield Sofa at Designer Sofas 4u

The Chesterfield range of furniture is an authentic British product that continues to invade & dominate interior furnishings (both home and office) for decades.  Experts in the furniture industry regard this as Anglo-Mania.

The Classic Chesterfield designs have proven to be immortal in character, conservative and defiant; Chesterfield Furniture continues in a timeless manner thanks to its British Roots and British Craftsmanship.

Car manufacturers Aston Martin, the Oxford Shoe and James Bond have all been familiar objects within fashion publications for decades; in the same manner, the Chesterfield has also earned its position in monthly interior publications year after year.

Chesterfield furniture is without a doubt a paradigm of English Heritage. It became known as a sofa and club chair associated with 19th Century London Gentleman's Clubs although later became familiar within offices and homes of Great Britain and her colonies. The definition of the Chesterfield was not only the low, deep-buttoned back design in line with the height of the arm, but also a representation of status for the owner.

Today however, Chesterfield furniture is not just for the rich minority; It is more and more becoming associated with a symbol of British craftsmanship and quality, affordable to anyone wanting a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.

Only a handful of British manufacturers remain capable of reproducing the original hand-made quality for which the Chesterfield sofa was designed for. Finding a hand-stitched, hand-dyed, and British made Chesterfield can be difficult to source. All of these characteristics are fundamental to what Designer Sofas4u stands for by combining British craftsmanship with a passion to preserve historical methods and designs.

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