Chesterfield Sofas Lancashire

The couch Chesterfield is a classic of English decoration, it is said that the name of the sofa is due to the Earl of Chesterfield, who seems to be, was the first to send one to his cabinetmaker who was tough and sturdy enough for people he could sit upright in it without losing his composure. Little by little, the aristocratic classes took the sofa Chester as emblem for their salons, although the first to do them were the British clubs of high standing where only men were admitted, to become the English sofa par excellence, a design that never happens fashionable because it is still pondered by the youngest creators who see in it a design of great elegance.

And although the functionality has been surpassed by later designs, the image of Chester remains majestic and the sofa can be seen in homes among all possible decorations, since it fits all.

The idea that it is a men's sofa is something that has no basis in the current times, since the Chester is an imperishable sofa that can be found in all tones, even in silver, joining the tradition and the current trend in an only furniture.

Imagine yourself sitting on a classic Chester couch in an old and exclusive London club with a delicious cup of cognac in hand, alongside the most influential knights of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, debating on hot topics

One of the key features of the Chester sofa is the capitoné, a type of upholstered upholstery, topped with geometrically arranged buttons on the back. The type of arm, in the form of a scroll, is also very characteristic, in addition to the material used for upholstering: the most authentic Chester sofa models were upholstered - and upholstered - in leather although fabulous designs in cotton and velvet can be found.

It is a piece that never goes out of style, is continually reinvented to be part of spaces loaded with personality and style. Although it looks luxurious and overly distinctive, the versatility of the Chester sofa makes it a type of sofa that can be integrated into any decor, so that if you use it combined with furniture of different styles, it will adapt to the environment, mimicking with the global decorative concept.

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