Chesterfield Sofas Midlands

The sofa Chester part of the base of British sobriety and elegance of leather in a piece of unique style. According to the history, it was the Earl of Chesterfield who commissioned a cabinet maker a sofa that had the backrest and armrests on the same level, allowing him to have a straight back and avoiding to adopt bad postures without giving up comfort

In its origins, the Chester sofa was upholstered in leather and capitoné, but with the passage of time this has been varying and "at present you can find pieces made in any type of fabric or polipiel", explain from Merkamueble Zaragoza.

The capitoné is a type of typical English upholstery, it is soft and padded thanks to the buttoning of the skin or the fabric that give that aspect so characteristic of the style.

In stores, you can find different models. From the most traditional Chester in two or three squares and with several colors to choose from, others very similar but without the capitoné, also with low back and rounded shapes.

In addition, whether leather or not, fashion has also added cushions and other decorative elements that contrast with the more classic and British style of the sofa. Combining the Chester sofa with several cushions helps give it a touch of distinction and different color.

After its appearance in television has become fashionable, although it is a model of the sofa that always has been sold well.

The Comfort of a Chester Sofa

The sofas have different textures, to the touch, they are not all the same, some are softer than others, some have the deepest seats, others taller, the height of the armrest is also different.

The best way to know how comfortable and comfortable we are going to be is to try it out, sitting on it again and again. Check the robustness of its structure by looking at the frame. If it is made of softwoods, like pine, it will be cheaper but it is also more flimsy and can break more easily.

Touching the wood also gives us an idea of ​​how strong and strong it is. We just have to touch the structure of the Chester sofa to realize that its wood is hard, beech or oak, more expensive but much more resistant and durable.

If on the contrary, the materials are plastic or metal, the structure could bend or break at any time. The legs of the sofa should be attached to the structure by means of screws or pegs and not glued with glue.

On certain sofas, the legs are part of the structure, but in any case, it should be resilient.

The structure should be finished with solid and strong materials such as pegs or blocks of wood, large screws or metal supports, not with staples or glue, which although they are good for extra reinforcement, should not be the main adhesion of a good sofa.

All this can be observed with the naked eye, and if not, we can ask an employee to help us turn it around.

Take the Chester sofa as an example, we can see at a glance it's metal studs that not only serve as an adherent but also form part of the decoration.

The springs make a sofa sturdy, but there are certain springs of poor quality that over time tend to stick in our back. This does not happen in the case of the sofa Chester as being composed of several springs closely together, are not perceived and we do not notice them at all.

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