Clever Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Our small homes may be the banes of our lives but we love them all the same. Finding storage space, however, is a completely different kettle of fish. Finding even the slightest bit of space in a busy home filled with mums, dads and children can be quite a feat so we’ve compiled a list of clever storage ideas ideal for small homes.


Hide it Away!

And by that we don’t mean simply shoving it in the spare room and hoping nobody will notice the ‘room of clutter.’ In order to get rid of any unwanted clutter in your home, be sure to invest in small cubed or rectangular storage boxes that can be easily tucked away under beds, in wardrobes or even on your shelving.

Make the Most of Your Door Frames

Why not try hanging some of the clutter? With some easily-installed wire shelving you can find just about anything to hang up – whether it’s shoes on the back of a door, stationary and notepads in the study or even some of your favourite spices, pots and pans in the kitchen. Take advantage of your vertical space and your home will be looking neat and tidy in no time!


Choose Multipurpose Furniture

When you’re looking at storing some of your clutter and essentials around the home, be sure to look at new furniture pieces that will house of all the things you don’t want seen to.

You could choose a family-sized footstool or ottoman complete with storage inside to clear away any letters, magazines and TV accessories or you may want to invest in a sideboard that includes lots of drawers and space for boxes.

Look out for cubed shelving which you can easily place storage containers into neatly and be sure to find furniture pieces with shelving so you can take advantage of storing your best china and cutlery.


Look at Upcycling or Recycling

Wooden crates have been used for years now in homes that really jumped on the upcycling trend but you don’t need to be a designer to take advantage of this look.

Simply visit a hardware store or timber merchant and purchase some wooden crates or pallets. Tip them on their side, glue together so they don’t come unstuck and then either sand them down and gloss over or paint them in a colour matching your existing décor to ensure they fit with the ambience of the room.

Wooden crates look perfect in bathrooms with minimal storage as they can be used to store a whole range of items from towels to toilet rolls.

Ladder Shelving

In homes with minimal space, installing a huge uniform shelving unit may look overwhelming and swamp the room however ladders are an ideal way to ensure the room still feels light and airy.

With an open design, simply paint the staggered shelf the colour you’d like it to be and place against a wall. All you need to do then is simply arrange your toiletries and accessories neatly and voila! Your room will still feel spacious and not overwhelmed.

Use In-Cabinet Storage

Don’t forget to take advantage of the storage solutions you already have! For example, you may have an attractive medicine cabinet in the bathroom so in order to fit more in, why not attach some magnetic strips on the inside and use it to stick any tweezers, scissors, makeup brushes and even hair grips?!

How do you add storage to your small home? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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