Create a Time-Out Space at Home

Here at Designer Sofas 4U we understand the importance of having a space at home where you feel safe, secure and serene. But with the stresses of everyday life sometimes getting in our way; taking work home with us, children and animals running riot through the hallways or even having to deal with a mountain of washing up as soon as we step foot through the door it’s easy to forget to relax and take a time out.

Whether you have a large home or small home, old home or new, sometimes all we need is a break away from it all and a few precious minutes to ourselves so in this brand new post, we explain how to create a tranquil time-out space at home.

Find a Quiet Corner

Older homes tend to be packed with quiet nooks and crannies perfect for fitting a small armchair in and taking a well-deserved break from it all however new builds don’t have the luxury of having that space available. Take a look around your home and see if there’s any quiet corners you can take advantage of. Failing that, why not transform the cupboard under the stairs?

Got some attic space you’re longing to convert? Do it! Then tell the family it will be your private office space. Of course, your other half can use it do work as and when and the kids can even go up there to do homework but as long as you’ve created a section for yourself for your sanctuary then you’re all good.

If you’re using a corner of a room, position your chair with its back to the middle of the room so you’re less likely to be disturbed and a seat next to the window is ideal. If you’re looking out into the garden, take a look at the view. If your bushes or trees need cutting or pruning be sure to do so, so you can make the most of the views outside.

Furnish Your Spot

Invest in a super stylish, comfortable high back armchair which you can curl up on easily and peacefully. The high back and enclosed sides (particularly if you choose a wing chair) is perfect for shutting out your surroundings and immersing yourself in your activity.

Grab a good reading light or floor lamp to ensure you’ve got plenty of light surrounding you and pick up a faux fur throw or plush comforter to relax underneath when you need a few minutes.

Consider purchasing an ottoman or a comfortable footstool so that you can kick your legs out and relax. Plus, an added benefit of using an ottoman is that they tend to have extra storage so you can keep your favourite books neatly stored away with any other essentials you may need such as headphones or a journal.

Use it!

To truly enjoy your new time-out space, make sure you find a place in your spot to store your favourite possessions. Perhaps it’s some pictures of loved ones in which case frame them and place them on a small coffee table nearby or if it’s a collection of your favourite books and poetry store them in your ottoman or put up some shelves nearby which makes them in easy reach whenever you need some inspiration.

Then it’s simply time to recuperate, enjoy, dream and relax!

Have you created a time-out space in your home? How did you do it? Let us know by getting in touch through Facebook or Twitter.

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