Designer Sofas4u and the Internet Community

As Designer Sofas 4u gets more and more popular with online customers the amount of exposure we are receiving through our satisfied customers bloging, posting and sharing their experiences with other online communities has had an unprecedented response; leading to a two-fold increase in our production levels. Allowing Designer Sofas 4u to utilise our 50,000 square metre premises to its full potential. 

We have been providing quality furniture to customers (public and trade) for over 20 years; but now we have been left bewildered why we didn’t make an online presence sooner??  All our customers have been commenting on the level of service our staff have provided, the quality of products they’ve received, the savings they have made best of all our dedicated delivery service. 

This is exciting news for us, at the same time these declarations of Excellent Customer Service allows us to recognise our job and more importantly we’re doing it pretty damn well.  So a big thanks goes to you guys – keep up the good work!!

Have a look at our top seven performing categories:

  1. Chesterfield Sofa Collection
  2. Fabric Sofa Range
  3. Designer Leather Sofas
  4. Chesterfield Wing Chairs
  5. Tub Chairs
  6. Dining Tables
  7. Beds 

Please visit the following Social Bookmarking site to read the testimonials we have received from our valued customers, BlinkList,,, Listible and Furl.

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