Do you use sitcoms for inspiration when buying leather sofas?

Would you like the leather recliners they had on Friends? Or what about Fraiser's living room set - perhaps without Martin's chair? It's no surprise that Brits get their style inspiration from their television shows, but did you know that 31% of homeowners confess to spending an average of £3,836 to making their homes look like something they have seen on the TV?

For instance, Monica's apartment in Friends had a cream sofa, and this was cited as among the most desirable items by 27% of respondents to a recent poll. Furthermore, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory has a brown leather sofa that was sought after by 29%, and Downton Abbey's interiors' red sofas and footstools would like to be replicated in the homes of 16% of respondents.

The lazy-boy reclining chairs in Joey's apartment would also be in demand from 24% of people in the poll, Fraiser's Eames chair was desired by 23%, and Don Draper's leather chair and footstool from Mad Men was a popular choice, coveted by 28% of respondents.

Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in wardrobe - as seen on Sex and the City - was the most sought-after item of TV furniture uncovered in the research, with a massive 45% of people expressing an interest in it. On the other end of the spectrum, just 3% wanted the tiger rug from Del Boy and Rodney's grim Only Fools and Horses residence.

These figures were uncovered by MORE TH>N Home Insurance, and also revealed that approximately 4.6 million UK homeowners have spent thousands of pounds making their homes look like a property on the TV - 31% of the 3,000 people polled alone confessed to splashing out on more than £3.5 million in total for this purpose.

MORE TH>N Home Insurance representative Matthew Poll highlighted the "countless" books, magazines and TV shows dedicated to interior design, and pointed out that it is "fascinating" that people are instead using dramas, sitcoms and reality TV shows for their home decor inspiration.

Considering how much time people invest in their favourite television shows, it's not unexpected that our homes would express our viewing preferences. Many of the leather sofas and designer chairs people purchase for their homes from us become a prized possession!

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